Backpack Battles Reaper Builds that Harvest Wins

Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles is an addictive resource-management PvP game that features two classes: Ranger and Reaper. In this blog post, I will share some of the best Backpack Battles Reaper Builds that can help you win more games and climb the tiers faster. Reaper is a class that focuses on dealing damage over time, using poison, curses, and life steal. Reaper builds can vary depending on your playstyle, preferences, and the items you find, but there are some common elements that make them effective. These are some of the Reaper builds that I have found to be effective and fun to play in Backpack Battles.

In the following sections, I list what items to look for, and explain how they synergize. I hope you enjoy this blog post and find it useful for your own Backpack Battles adventures. 😊

Last update: December 2023

1. Backpack Battles Reaper Builds with Cursed Dagger 🔪

  • Darksaber + Death Scythe + Pestilence Flask: This build focuses on maximizing the power of the Darksaber, which does more damage depending on the amount of opponent debuffs (for example, poison and blind). Cursed Dagger debuffs your opponent and so does Pestilence Flask. Death Scythe doubles the poison inflicted by these two items and others.
  • Death Scythe + Poison Goobert + Shields: This build focuses on inflicting as much poison as possible while hiding behind shields. It includes items such as Poison Goobert, Pandemonium, Fly Agaric and Pestilence Flask. Also, it runs defensive items that remove stamina such as Shield of Valor, Spiked Shield and Wooden Buckler.
  • Lightsaber + Light Goobert + Pocket Sand: This configuration concentrates on generating a lot of blind with Pocket Sand, Light Goobert and Cursed Dagger. You can run multiple Lightsabers if you include Heroic Potions and/or bananas. For defense you can add at least 1 Book of Light supported by Mana Orb and/or Blueberries. Shield of Valor and Cap of Resilience can provide even more protection.

2. Backpack Battles Reaper Builds with Nocturnal Lock Lifter

  • Bloodthorne + Blood Goobert + Ripsaw Blade: This setup focuses on maximizing the damage of Bloodthorne, which deals 1 more damage for each of your vampirism and spikes. By using the Nocturnal Lock Lifter as your special item, you can ensure that Bloodthorne and your vampirism will heal you even more. Multiple Vampiric Gloves provide attack speed and also vampirism, while Blood Goobert steals your opponent’s life. Ripsaw Blade is included to help counter Lightsaber and other Bloodthorne builds. For defense we can run at least 1 Book of Light supported by Mana Orb.
  • Ruby Chonk + Staff of Unhealing + Potions + Djinn Lamp: This build aims to trigger Djinn Lamp’s effect onto Ruby Chonk. The armor needed for this is provided by Flute. Health Potions not only heal you, but also deal damage with the Staff of Unhealing effect. The more Djinn Lamps we have, the better. Mana Orb and Blueberries generate the mana needed by Djinn Lamp. Remember to speed up Ruby Chonk as much as possible with Fanny Packs.
  • Staff of Unhealing + Manathirst + Goobert: This is one of the best Backpack Battles reaper builds on this page. Manathirst steals life and also provides mana for Staff of Unhealing. Goobert heals and deals damage at the same time, as do your Health Potions. Multiple Gloves of Haste speed up your Staff of Unhealing, but remember to keep an eye on your stamina usage. Several Mana Orbs feed your Staff of Unhealing and Manathirst. Blueberries can be included for additional mana production.
Backpack Battles Reaper Builds: Nocturnal Lock Lifter, Ruby Chonk, Staff of Unhealing, Death Scythe, Cursed Dagger, Poison Goobert, Pandemonium.
Backpack Battles Reaper Builds: Ruby Chonk + Staff of Unhealing vs Poison Goobert + Death Scythe

3. Backpack Battles Reaper Builds with Mr. Struggles

  • Ruby Chonk + Ripsaw + Shovel + Gems: This build focuses on controlling/stunning your opponent with Ruby Chonk while also speeding up your items. You can win with multiple Corrupted Crystals in your backpack. Ripsaw Blade helps counter Lightsaber and Bloodthorne builds and also has 3 slots for gems. Try to combine Sapphires and other useful gems dug up by Shovel to put on Ruby Chonk and Ripsaw Blade. In the early rounds you make a Shovel and let it dig up free items throughout the whole game. For the endgame you can add a Djinn Lamp or two pointed at Ruby Chonk.
  • No weapon + Potions + Shield of Valor + Corrupted Crystals: One of the most interesting Backpack Battles reaper builds, believe it or not, wins battles without a single weapon thanks to Mr. Struggles. The no-weapon build relies on defensive items to survive into the fatigue phase and wins with several Corrupted Crystals placed in your backpack. Shield of Valor makes your Stone Skin Potions produce even more armor. This item plus Spiked Shield and Wooden Buckler remove stamina from your opponent, while Cap of Resilience and/or Cap of Discomfort also protect you.


Backpack Battles reaper builds are as fun as they are lethal! In this blog post, I have explored some of the strongest reaper builds in the game, such as:

  • Death Scythe Poison
  • Staff of Unhealing
  • Ruby Chonk Stuns

In conclusion, Reaper Builds are one of the most powerful and versatile options in Backpack Battles, an inventory-management autobattler game. Whether you prefer to stack poison, armor, or fatigue damage, there is a Reaper Build that suits your playstyle and strategy. Reaper Builds can also adapt to different situations and enemies, making them hard to counter and easy to win with. If you want to climb the ranks and dominate the battlefield, you should definitely try out some of the Reaper Builds I discussed here. If you want to see all of my Backpack Battles content in one place, you can check this page out. Thank you for reading this blog post, and I hope you enjoy playing Backpack Battles! 😊