Survivor io Tier List – Weapons and Supplies to Survive and Thrive is a popular, free-to-play mobile game that combines bullet hell shooting with roguelike elements. In this game, you can choose from different weapon skills and supplies to survive the waves of enemies and bosses. You can download the game from the Google Play Store, where it has a very high rating of 4.9/5.0! But which are the best choices for each category? How can you optimize your build and progress faster in the game? That’s what this blog post will try to answer. In this Tier List, I will rank the best weapons and supplies based on their performance and synergy. I will also provide some tips and tricks on how to use them effectively.

This tier list is based on my personal experience of hundreds of hours of gameplay and careful analysis. I ranked the weapons and supplies into S (the best), A, B and C (the worst), and explain the reasons behind my choices. For your convenience, the weapons and supplies in each tier are ordered from best to worst. I hope you find this post helpful and enjoy playing Let’s begin with the S-tier items!

Last update: December 2023 Tier List: S



Destroyer is created after having both Type-A and B Drones at max-level and is probably the most powerful weapon on this Tier List in terms of damage output. However, it is not easy to make, because the drones are pretty weak. I recommend having a strong weapon or two to carry you while you level up the drones.


Gloom Nova is the evolution of Void Power and excels at controlling and removing groups of enemies. It can even hold some bosses in position while you attack them. Its downside is that you need to aim forward to hit a main boss, which exposes you to hits.


Survivor io Tier List Sword of Domination

Sword of Domination is the evolution of Sword of Disorder and specializes in dealing damage to bosses. However, its effect jumps from target to target, so it’s not bad at dealing with groups as well.


This combination of max-level Lightning Emitter and Modular Mine is a very powerful option for your builds. I find myself frequently including Thunderbolt Bomb in my builds due to it not requiring a supply to make.

I recommend not picking up the Energy Cube until after you have made this weapon to avoid Lightning Emitter being evolved into Supercell, which is a tier B weapon in my experience.


Molotov is a surprisingly strong weapon skill that does not need to evolve to deal lots of damage to a large area around you. I usually avoid picking up its supply, Oil Bond, which is way down in tier C on this tier list. Instead, I use the empty supply slot to run a much stronger supply.


Forcefield is great at protecting you and removing weak enemies early in a chapter. Many times, you can run through your enemies instead of away from them. However, its damage falls off as you progress through the enemy waves, so you can skip this weapon skill if you are pretty advanced in a chapter when it is offered. Tier List – SUPPLIES Tier S

HI-POWER MAGNET (Pickup Range)

Hi-power Magnet is the best supply in my opinion! It makes the game much more enjoyable as you pick up experience a great deal faster. As soon as I get it, I feel less stress and know that the run will be much easier now. However, it does not do any damage, so we must balance levelling this supply up with becoming stronger.

HE FUEL (Weapon Range)

Range of attack is extremely useful in where enemies can come at you from all sides. HE Fuel both extends the area affected by your weapons and also zooms out your map view, allowing you to see earlier what’s coming.

ENERGY CUBE (Cooldown)

Energy Cube is easily one of the best supplies on this tier list due to its faster cooldown effect. This supply allows your weapons to trigger faster, thus dealing more damage and keeping your enemies at bay.


Buffing your attack damage is a no-brainer in most video games and is not the exception. Hi-power Bullet makes your weapons more powerful thus allowing you to take out mobs faster. I recommend picking this supply up later in the run, when you already have a few good weapons to buff.

Survivor io Tier List Weapons and Supplies Gloom Nova Lightning Bomb Molotov Magnet Tier List: A



This weapon is created by having a max level Molotov and a max level Modular Mines. It deals plenty of damage but I don’t like that the enemies can get through the spaces between the bombs.


Spirit Shuriken is the evolution of the Kunai weapon skill and specializes in defeating single targets such as bosses. However, it does not help you too much when surrounded by strong mobs.


Lucille is the evolution of the Baseball Bat weapon and excels against groups of enemies. I like its pushback effect too. Its downside is that in order to hit a boss you must aim forward towards it. Also, it does not do as much damage to bosses as some other weapons on this tier list.


Defender, the evolution of Guardian, does not stop spinning around your character. Therefore, it provides more consistent knockback and protection from enemy projectiles. It lacks damage though, so I rarely evolve this weapon skill.


I don’t run Brick much in my builds due to its subpar evolution supply, Fitness Guide. However, once evolved, 1-ton Iron can deal a considerable amount of damage in all directions. Tier List – SUPPLIES Tier A

SPORTS SHOES (Movement Speed)

Sports Shoes is very useful for avoiding main boss attacks and for running away from large groups of enemies. Also, it’s great for picking up experience faster. I used to run this supply a lot before I got some boots with movement speed, but don’t anymore.

ENERGY DRINK (HP Regeneration)

The Energy Drink supply helps you regenerate health over time. However, it is quite slow to work and you need to avoid further damage for it to be effective. If you get hit once in a while, it can heal you between the hits. On the other hand, it can evolve Forcefield, which is an additional incentive to run this supply.

AMMO THRUSTER (Bullet Speed)

Bullet speed buffs your projectile based weapons, so in some cases you might want to run Ammo Thruster to boost your damage output. This supply is also used to evolve Drill Shot, which is not that great in my opinion.

EXO-BRACER (Duration)

Exo-Bracer can make some weapons stay active on the map for longer, thus boosting your damage output. For example, Molotov and Gloom Nova last longer, which can lead to multiple activations in the same time period. You can also use this supply to evolve Guardian into Defender if needed. Tier List: B



When I started playing I used to rely on Supercell a lot to eliminate bosses. Nowadays I rely on much stronger weapons such as Sword of Disorder and Kunai to deal with them. I still pick up Lightning Emitter a lot, but I aim to evolve it into Thunderbolt Bomb (a tier S weapon).


Since HE Fuel is so strong in this game, I usually pick up RPG when there is nothing better available. Sharkmaw Gun can target bosses and help deal with them faster. However, it lacks the power and attack speed needed to be higher on this tier list.


Soccer Ball is pretty weak and Quantum Ball isn’t much stronger. However, they can be useful and deal more damage on small maps with confined space.


Modular Mine is generally used to create very strong weapons such as Thunderbolt Bomb and Inferno Bomb. However, sometimes your build doesn’t go as planned and you end up with just the mines. In this case, all is not lost, since Modular Mines can deal some proper damage. Tier List – SUPPLIES Tier B


Fitness Guide gives you more health, but does not help you deal more damage. It is used to evolve Brick into 1-ton Iron, but there are better weapons out there.


Ronin Oyoroi is used to evolve Moonshade Slash (which I have yet to unlock) into Moonhalo Slash, but similar to Fitness Guide it does not help you actually eliminate enemies.

KOGA NINJA SCROLL (More Experience)

More experience is a nice upgrade to have, but is usually not necessary. You could be upgrading a weapon or supply instead of levelling up Koga Ninja Scroll. However, if you run Kunai, it is a must have in your build. Tier List: C



Although Caltrops requires HE Fuel (a tier S supply) to evolve, it is not as useful as other weapons on this tier list. I only pick Durian up if there is nothing better. On the other hand, it can be effective on confined maps with limited area, and sometimes it can create an opening for you to run through.


Although Whistling Arrow can be effective in confined spaces, its damage output is both weak and random. Also, it cannot be focused on a specific target such as a boss.


Boomerang is another low tier weapon skill with a subpar evolution. However, its evolution supply (Magnet) is the best in the game in my opinion, so if there is nothing better, I usually run it for filler.


The damage output of Death Ray is pretty low, and it is probably my least used evolution weapon in the game.

TYPE-A DRONE/TYPE-B DRONE (Just one of them)

The drones are very weak when unevolved, so you want to avoid running just one of them. For this reason, it is also hard to evolve them into Destroyer (a tier S weapon skill). Tier List – SUPPLIES Tier C


Oil Bond might well be the worst supply in because it doesn’t provide additional offense nor defense to your character. It is used to evolve Molotov into Fuel Barrel, but as discussed above, this evolution is not needed that much.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, is a fun and challenging game that offers a variety of weapons and skills to customize your builds and survive the waves of enemies. The game is constantly updated with new content and features, so there is always something new to explore and enjoy. Whether you prefer offensive or defensive skills, or melee or ranged combat, you can find the best combination for your playstyle and preferences.
The tier list can help you choose the best options and optimize your performance. However, the ultimate factor is your skill and luck, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun. Thank you for reading this blog post, and I hope you found it helpful and informative. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and fellow fans. Happy surviving!

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