Rush Arena TIER LIST 2023

Welcome to the Rush Arena Tier List 2023, where I rank the best cards in the game based on their performance, popularity, and potential. Rush Arena, from the makers of Rush Royale, is a tower defense game that combines card collecting, real-time strategy, and competitive gameplay. In this game, you can build your own deck of cards, each with different abilities and stats, and use them to defend your tower and attack your opponent’s tower. The game is constantly updated with new cards, modes, and events, making it a dynamic and diverse gaming experience.

However, not all cards are created equal. Some cards are more powerful, versatile, or synergistic than others, and can give you an edge in the battle. Knowing which cards are the best and how to use them effectively can help you win more matches and climb the ranks. That’s why I have created this tier list, where I evaluate each card based on its strengths, weaknesses and counters.

This tier list is based on my own experience and analysis. I have divided the cards into four tiers: S, A, B, and C. S-tier cards are the most powerful and popular cards in the game, and can fit in almost any deck. A-tier cards are also very strong and reliable, but may have some drawbacks or limitations. B-tier cards are decent and useful, but may require more skill or strategy to use well. C-tier cards are the weakest and least used cards in the game, and may need some buffs or reworks to become viable.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the Rush Arena Tier List 2023!

Last update: October 2023

Rush Arena Tier List: S


Rush Arena Tier List S Khungan

A ranged warrior with medium movement speed and low HP, Khungan can eliminate any unit just by hitting it 4 times! So, in theory, this warrior can help you beat those overpowered players that you meet in PvP.

It counters high HP ground and air units with lots of HP or armor such as Slug, Bannerlord, Jotunn, etc…

Swarms of units like Polymorph’s Sheep and/or AOE attackers such as Armorer, Cultist, Magma Spirit, Running Bomb, Spirit of Fire, etc… can counter Khungan.

At rank 3 it spawns two Khungans instead of just one. I use this card widely in my best Rush Arena decks.


Rush Arena Tier List S Magma Spirit

Magma Spirit is a terrifying force to be reckoned with! It’s a close combat warrior with medium movement speed and high HP. It gains increased damage and attack speed when there are 1, 4 or 7 of them on the field.

Magma counters groups of weaker ground warriors such as Khungan, Armorer, Polymorph’s Sheep, etc… This warrior also counters Bannerlord, because it can deal AOE damage, hitting the enemies hiding next to it.

Cards such as Slug, Polymorph, Officer Piggle(flyer) and all flying warriors, may counter this warrior.

I tried using this card in my decks, but mine is only level 7 and doesn’t work that well.


Rush Arena Tier List S Slug

This is another card that can protect you from those overpowered players in PvP, since it caps the damage it receives to 2 points at a time. Slug is a slow warrior that doesn’t attack enemies, but will try to damage your opponent’s tower or bannerlords by exploding on contact.

It counters big damage dealers such as Magma Spirit, Cultist, Armorer, Berserker, etc… This is why Slug is an essential part of my best Rush Arena deck!

Khungan, Polymorph, Bannerlord, Goblin Rider, Thunder Owl, Candle, Batsies, etc… all counter Slug.


Rush Arena Tier List S Armorer

This is a ranged unit with average movement speed that deals ground and air AOE damage. Its number of targets increase with its merge rank.

Armorer counters groups of weaker enemies and flyers such as Khungan, Sheep, Owl, Batsies, Tinker, etc…

Strong units such as Magma Spirit, Slug, etc… may counter this card.


Rush Arena Tier List S Medallion

Medallion increases the merge rank of another unit by 1 when merged with it. In this manner, your best units become even stronger.

Be careful not to make a Medallion bigger than your highest-ranking unit. You want to be able to quickly use it on one of your warriors.

This card will give your deck some board control, meaning that you will get stuck (without possible merges) less often.


Rush Arena Tier List S Bannerlord

This close combat warrior with low movement speed has an interesting mechanic. Bannerlord taunts enemies into attacking it and halves their damage too. This unit makes your enemies move towards it, allowing them to take damage from your other warriors as they do so.

I find that it counters Cultist pretty well. Also, it makes enemy Slugs target and explode against it.

Bannerlord is great when you need to protect weaker units such as Khungan.


Rush Arena Tier List S Cultist

This warrior can be very frustrating to go against in PvP. I have yet to receive this card in my collection, but I have battled it countless times.

Cultist counters groups of enemies such as Khungan, but is countered mainly by Slug and at times with Bannerlord. A quick strong warrior like Magma Spirit can also take down their tower before your opponent is able to set up their Cultist formation.


Rush Arena Tier List S Red Hood

Another card that I have yet to receive, Red Hood can summon a Wolf multiple times if not eliminated quickly. It is not that easy to deal with, since it’s basically 2 units (at least) in one.

I usually counter Red Hood with Slug + Khungan, but you need to take them out quickly.

Rush Arena Tier List: A


This versatile warrior can soak up a lot of damage and also spawns a pesky flying unit when destroyed.

Officer Piggle can be countered by Polymorph, Slug, etc…

I have it in tier A due to its relatively low damage.


This card copies a warrior. It can be useful for making 4 or 7 Magma Spirits, copying a card you want to multiply such as Polymorph, or copying a card that you want to remove (merge it with the copy).

Although it adds board control to your deck, I believe it is not tier S because it takes up a slot where you could run another damage dealer. This is important when you are trying to counter several meta cards with one deck.


Probably inspired by the World of Warcraft mage spell of the same name, Polymorph converts warriors into sheep that fight on your side.

You should try to make them high rank, since you can’t convert opponent’s units that are higher in merge rank than your Polymorphs.

It’s in tier A because it is slow to build up momentum, and exposes you to a possible early loss if you focus too much on it at the start.


This is a tanky warrior that is both ground and air type.

Goblin Rider does ever-increasing damage to a single target. Hence, this unit is great against Slug and towers (PvP and Coop) if not dealt with quickly.

Units like Polymorph and Khungan can counter Goblin Rider.

Even though it has more than average HP, its damage takes valuable seconds to build up.


I don’t have this card yet, but I have played it extensively in Rush Royale.

It periodically generates mana when on your board, and also when it is merged.

Its downside is similar to Mirror:

Although it provides mana to your deck, I believe it is not tier S because it takes up a slot where you could run another damage dealer. This is important when you are trying to counter several meta cards with one deck.

Rush Arena Tier B


This ground melee unit has medium movement speed, and absorbs up to 3 enemies once per battle. Each absorbed enemy will give it bonus health.

Its special ability counters Slug and other high HP warriors, especially if they spawn right next to it, for example next to their tower.

Forestlord’s downside is its low normal melee damage, and the fact that it targets only ground units.


This melee combat unit has medium movement speed and a unique special ability. It cheats death once per battle by entering berserker mode, which buffs its damage, its move speed and makes it invulnerable to damage for a very short time.

Berserker’s downsides are that it only targets ground warriors and that it periodically loses health.


This special event unit is not very common yet, and I have yet to collect it.

It is a melee unit with medium movement speed that can freeze ground-based enemies.

So far, I have had no issue dealing with this unit so that is why I place it in tier B.

Rush Arena Tier C

In my opinion, these units would be played more frequently in PvP if they were balanced or buffed:





Final Thoughts

I hope that this tier list will help you improve your gameplay and enjoy Rush Arena more. Please note that this tier list is not definitive or absolute, and may change over time as the game evolves or new cards are introduced. I also encourage you to experiment with different cards and decks, and find what works best for you.

Thank you for reading this article!

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