Rush Royale Review

rush royale card unit screen

Welcome to my Rush Royale review! It is based on my 2 years of gameplay!

Rush Royale is a free to play, addictive, puzzle, merge, tower defense game. You move your units around and merge/upgrade them in order to stop the enemies from getting to the exit/gate. Play PvP or Coop Dungeon with a friend but don’t let them through! It sounds very simple but this game has a lot of depth to it!

Last updated: October 2023

Rush Royale trailer promo video

General information

Platform: Android, iOS

Released: December, 2020

Publisher:, UPWAKE.ME

Developer: IT Territory

Genre: Merge, Puzzle, Tower defense

Google Play rating: 4.2

iOS rating: 4.6

Description (from publisher)

“Protect your castle, level up your heroes and win PvP battles!

Welcome to the Isle of Rhandum – a realm of tower defense, clans, magic and mayhem! Collect units, assemble a deck for base defense and get ready to meet one of the most unique TD games – Rush Royale!

Mighty warriors are ready for a TD clash! You have plenty of cute but fearsome units at your disposal, from keen-eyed Archers and crafty Trappers to angry Bruisers and graceful Blade Dancers! Merge units and manage your mana carefully – devise a strategy around your deck’s strengths in a castle defense! And don’t forget about Heroes – these mighty champions have the most powerful abilities!”

The Good

  • Simple but gorgeous design & artwork
  • Rush Royale is Free to play
  • I have played for about 2 years without spending my own money
  • Simple to play, tough to master
  • The game loads fast
  • Many different Cards/units to collect and upgrade
  • Several different Heroes to use
  • Playable on PC
  • You can craft Equipment to make you stronger
  • You are not forced to watch long ads
  • The optional ads give good rewards
  • The damage stats for the units are shown after the battle ends
  • Other players can send you gifts in game with their real money

The Bad

  • Rush Royale is P2W (pay to win)
  • In PvP you will be matched with much stronger players sometimes
  • The game tends to lag sometimes when playing with someone else
  • You can get disconnected sometimes, and lose the battle
  • There are several “toxic” cards in the game that can make the game less fun
  • A few popup ads are shown when you log in, but are easily closed with 1 click
  • Dungeon Coop games are a bit long, 20+ minutes

Rush Royale quick Tips

  • Always buy any available legendary in shop for gold
  • Refresh the shop whenever you can
  • Don’t upgrade all your cards, only what you will use
  • Join the best clan you can, for community & rewards
  • Complete the easy daily quests at least
  • Watch YouTube and Twitch to learn how to play
  • Run one or two damage units and the rest support
  • The Premium Pass is the most recommended purchase with real money

Rush Royale Review Screenshots

rush royale main screen

Main screen.

rush royale shop screen

The Shop.

Complete the Daily Quests for rewards!

rush royale coop dungeon screen

Play Coop Dungeon with another player!

Chat with clanmates.

rush royale card unit screen

Card/unit inventory screen.

Play in the Clan Tournament for rewards!

Events screen.

Many animated Emojis to use in game!

rush royale hero screen

The Hero and Equipment screen.

How can Rush Royale be improved?

  • Balance the cards/units (I know it isn’t easy!)
  • Fix the lag/disconnect issues
  • Make better Events that are fun to play
  • Do PvP matchmaking by Trophies + Crit %
  • Explain the Crafting System better with a tutorial
  • Remove “toxic” cards/units like Shaman from PvP
  • Don’t spam popup ads when we log in
  • Shorten the time required to complete a Dungeon
  • Group the clans in Tournament by timezone
  • Add way to remove inactive Clan Leaders

The Verdict: 9/10

I have been playing Rush Royale for about 2.5 years, it’s very addictive!

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