Slime Legion Review

Slime Legion card inventory screen

Slime Legion is a really fun new casual, family-friendly, puzzle, merge, tower defense type game. In essence, you move your units around and merge/upgrade them in order to eliminate the enemies dropping from above. Don’t let them through! This Slime Legion review will help you decide if this game is the right fit for you by listing what’s good and bad about it. Also, I will provide several tips and detail how Slime Legion could be improved.

Last updated: October 2023

Slime Legion gameplay

General information

Platform: Android, iOS

Released: February 11, 2023

Publisher: Perfeggs

Genre: Merge, Puzzle, Tower defense

Google Play rating: 4.3

iOS rating: 4.8

Description (from publisher)

Merge your monsters!

The peaceful monster forest has been invaded by brutal heroes!

Become a heroic big devil!

Guard the peace of the forest!

Set up your favorite lineup!

Protect your castle!

Destroy all invaders!

~~Addictive merge game~~

~~Powerful tower defense game~~

~~Roguelike skill selection~~

~~Super addictive casual game~~

~~Simple and interesting strategy gameplay~~

Strengthen your monsters and evolve into invincible soldiers!

The Good

  • Slime Legion is Free to play
  • I have a lot of fun without spending real money
  • Simple to play
  • The game loads fast
  • Many different cards to collect and upgrade
  • Not too easy nor too hard
  • Slime Legion has no lag
  • Longish games allow energy to replenish
  • Not forced to watch long ads
  • You feel in control of your units
  • You don’t die immediately if an enemy gets through
  • Battles are automatic
  • Damage stats are shown after stage ends

The Bad

  • Annoying move hint does not stop
  • It hints you to make a bad move sometimes
  • No coop
  • Slime Legion has no PvP mode
  • You get buff choices that you can’t use
  • Some units and many upgraded units look alike
  • Sometimes you make a move you didn’t want
  • Hard to see what’s going on due to many damage numbers during battle

Slime Legion Review: Tips

  • Buy the units in the shop for gold
  • Refresh the shop whenever you can
  • Don’t upgrade all your cards, only what you will use
  • Always claim your AFK rewards
  • Dracula is very strong with the “3 bats” buff
  • Run one slowing unit like Frost

Slime Legion Screenshots

slime legion review main screen

The main screen.

slime legion review the shop

The Shop.

Complete the Daily Challenge for rewards!

slime legion review card inventory screen

The card/unit inventory screen.

You gain resources when not playing!

slime legion review events screen

You may participate in Events!

How can Slime Legion be improved?

  • Add option to turn off hints
  • Add a coop mode
  • Add a PvP mode
  • The graphics/art could be improved
  • Each unit could be made a bit more unique
  • Upgraded units could be a bit more unique
  • Tweak the way units are moved to avoid mistakes
  • Add a third faster speed option for battles
  • Keep max floor number visible on screen
  • Keep selected buff visible a bit longer on screen

The Verdict: 8/10

So far, I am loving Slime Legion, it is one of my favorites right now! I fully recommend this free game to everyone!

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