Merge War Review: Super Legion Master

Merge War: Super Legion Master is a game where you merge slimes, dragons, and monster pets to form a super legion. You can use your legion to enjoy the game’s new multiplayer PvP mode, and thus brawl against other merge masters in the arena. In this offline auto chess game, master the art of merging in order to create the strongest army to defeat legions of monsters and super dragons. As a merge master, strategize carefully to build a balanced deck of offensive and defensive monster cards. Merge War is a really fun, casual, family-friendly, puzzle, merge game. You merge units to make them stronger in order to eliminate the enemies! In this Merge War Review I analyze the Android version.

Merge War is a thrilling blend of auto chess, strategy, and action. Hunt for rare cards like Dragon and Slime by completing levels, and also open chests to upgrade your legion. With its unique merge mechanics, it is the perfect game for casual players and strategy masters alike. Because it’s offline, you can play Merge War anytime, anywhere.

Last updated: October 2023

General information

Platform: Android, iOS

Released: August 17, 2022

Developer: Funovus

Genre: Merge, Puzzle

Google Play rating: 4.8

iOS rating: 5.0

Description (from the developer)

Merge and match in this roguelike auto chess puzzle game to upgrade your legion! Use strategy to craft a deck of dragons, archers, and wizards into your collection. Merge them into epic heroes to beat your opponents!

🧠 Strategy Auto Chess Depth
Use strategy and tactics to set up your formation, draft your legion and utilize your skills to win!

The Good

  • Merge War is free to play, thus I have a lot of fun without spending real money
  • It is simple to play, and also the game loads fast
  • Not too easy nor too hard
  • Merge War has no lag, hence it’s not frustrating to play.
  • Different cards to collect and upgrade
  • You are not forced to watch long ads, because they are optional.
  • Although the battles are automatic, you feel in control of your units
  • The game tells you when you have no merges available

The Bad

  • Merge War shows hints, but there is no option to turn them off
  • No Coop mode
  • It’s hard to see what’s going on during the automatic battles
  • Boss battles sometimes take a long time
  • Damage stats are not shown after stage ends, so it’s difficult to determine what is working
  • Only three worlds available at this time

Merge War Review: Tips

  • Claim the War Fund reward every few hours
  • Buy the Epic Chest in the Shop so you may get new units
  • Upgrade all your cards, in order to increment your crit chance
  • Without a doubt, you should test different units and see what works for you
  • When you beat a world, you should replay it for additional rewards

Merge War Screenshots

merge war main screen

The Merge War main screen.

The Shop.

merge war coming soon screen

Everyone is waiting for World 4!

The Card/Unit inventory screen.

Ads are optional.

I got to stage 182 in the Endless Dungeon Event!

With each level you access new buffs!

merge war buff options screen

You choose a new temp buff after a few floors.

The best buffs are harder to get.

How can Merge War be improved?

  • Add an option to turn off hints
  • Add a coop mode
  • Add an even faster speed option for battles
  • Add more ways to spend Gold
  • Add more main content (worlds)
  • Add more cards/units

The Verdict: 7.5/10

Merge Wars is perfect if you have some free time and are looking for a quick game. I used to play Merge Wars daily and recommend this free game to everyone!

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