Rush Arena main loading screen

Welcome to my Rush Arena review! It’s based on many hours (ongoing) of gameplay!

From the makers of Rush Royale, Rush Arena is an addictive, free to play, merge, tower rush game. You summon units to the board and merge/upgrade them in order to stop the enemies from getting to your tower/base. At the same time, you try to attack and destroy your opponent’s tower. Additionally, you can play PvP or Co-Op with a friend. As you can see in the images on this page, the game is a bit like Clash Royale.

You select 5 cards/units for your team and a Guardian to protect your tower (or to support your push forward). Each week, a different unit faction will have a special mechanic/buff that you can use to your advantage. This means that you will be going up against Epics, Rares and even Common cards, not just Legendary cards.

In addition to your cards/units, you choose a Spell and three Gems to support them during battle. Knowing when to activate your Spell and/or summon your Guardian is crucial and will require practice.

You use Mana to randomly place cards on your board, which in turn summon animated units to the battle area in front of your Base/Tower. You can look at your opponent’s team and set up your board to try and counter it.

Last update: October 2023

General information

Platform: Android, iOS

Released: November 2022

Developer: MY.GAMES B.V.

Genre: Merge, Tower rush

Google Play rating: 4.1

iOS rating: 5.0

Description (from developer)

“Clash against enemy forces, defend your castle and come up with a victorious strategy! Rush Arena is here!

Rush Arena is a new Tower Defense game set in the world of famous Rush Royale! You’re back on the Isle of Rhandum… but it’s not the same! The TD mechanics are completely new – easy to learn, exciting to master!

Conquer the PvP arena! Enemy defenses are strong… But you will win these TD games! The battle goes over land and air!

Assemble a collection of units and use them to summon might warriors on the field! Merge and combine to make your army unstoppable and win at Tower Defense!

Complete quests to gain powerful bonuses and unlock new warriors for TD games!

Clash, merge, win! This brand-new TD arena is yours!”

Rush Arena Review: The Good

  • Simple but nice design & artwork.
  • Rush Arena is Free to play. Thus, you don’t need to spend real money to enjoy the game.
  • Easy to play.
  • The game loads fast.
  • Many different cards/units to collect and upgrade.
  • The Rush Arena Shop is refreshed daily and occasionally offers legendary cards for 40K gold.
  • The Faction Week buff ensures that a diverse range of cards will be played. Not just legendaries.
  • Several different Guardians to use.
  • Several different Spells to use.
  • You are not forced to watch long ads, given that they are optional.
  • Generally, the optional ads give good rewards.
  • The most you wait for a Co-Op game is 30 seconds.
  • The damage stats for the units are shown after the battle ends. As I have said before, all games should have this!
Rush Arena Review Screen Gameplay Rewards
Rewards for watching 10 ads
Rush Arena Review Screen Gameplay Co-Op effects
Nice artwork and effects
Rush Arena Review Screen Gameplay Battle Stats
Damage stats are shown after battle

The Bad

  • Rush Arena is P2W (pay to win).
  • Therefore, you will sometimes be matched with much stronger players in PvP.
  • PvP can be pretty grindy, with periods where you don’t seem to advance up the ladder. However, you can analyze the meta and play cards that counter theirs.
  • Some legendary cards are much stronger or more useful than others, for example Medallion and Bannerlord.
  • A few popup ads are shown when you log in and also later, but are easily closed with 1 click.
  • You will be paired with a bot in Co-Op games many times. And not a strong one. Sometimes they pull their weight, but usually it’s up to you to carry.
Rush Arena Review Screen Gameplay matchup whale
Rush Arena PvP: matched with P2W player
Rush Arena Review Screen Gameplay Medallion
In Rush Arena, Medallion is very strong
Rush Arena Review Screen Gameplay Co-Op bot
A Rush Arena weak Co-Op bot

Rush Arena quick Tips

  • You want to always buy any available legendary card in the shop for gold.
  • However, don’t buy all the non-legendary cards in the shop, only the best that you will use.
  • Always have enough gold (40K) to buy a legendary card in shop.
  • Refresh the shop whenever you can for more legendary cards.
  • Don’t upgrade all your cards, only what you will use.
  • Complete the easy daily quests at least.
  • Play in the Events for free loot.
  • Watch YouTube to quickly learn how to play.
  • Your battle power is important, because the higher it is, the better.
  • Pay attention to the decks that beat you. Generally, you want to try them out for yourself.
  • Be careful when converting a legendary card into a sphere, make sure you have tested the card first.
Rush Arena Review Screen Shop Legendary Card
The Rush Arena Shop: Berserker
Play in the Events for rewards
Rush Arena: spheres screen

Rush Arena Review Screenshots

Rush Arena Review Main Screen Game
The Rush Arena main screen
Rush Arena Review Screen Legendary Cards
Rush Arena: Legendary Cards
Rush Arena Review Screen Epic Rare Cards
Rush Arena: Epic and Rare Cards
The Rush Arena quests screen
Rush Arena: Co-Op Game
Rush Arena: Emojis
Rush Arena Review Gem Screen
Several Rush Arena Gems
Rush Arena Review Guardian Screen
Rush Arena: Guardians
Rush Arena Review Spell Screen
Rush Arena: Spells

How can Rush Arena be improved?

  • Balance the cards/units (I know it isn’t easy!).
  • Make better Events that are fun to play. For example, a draft event.
  • Do PvP matchmaking by Trophies + Power.
  • Don’t spam popup ads when we log in.

The Verdict: 8.5/10

I have been playing Rush Arena for many months, it’s addictive! However, I can’t seem to play on my PC, which means that I cannot stream it yet.

Matching up with the occasional whale is frustrating. However, Rush Arena is a lot of fun and the developers keep adding new content.

I like collecting the cards and upgrading them. For that reason, it feels great to finally get the legendary card I was waiting for, and start climbing the PvP ladder again. In like manner, there are many different card combinations you can play, which translates to a high replay value.

In a perfect world all cards would be balanced, and Rush Arena wouldn’t be pay to win, but in the meantime, it earns a solid 8.5 out of 10 from me.

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