Welcome to our blog post, where we embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of Rush Arena best decks. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in search of new strategies or a budding player looking for guidance, you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to unravel the secrets of decks that have conquered arenas and left opponents in awe.

In the ever-evolving world of Rush Arena, where fierce battles and strategic prowess reign supreme, the right deck can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Crafting the perfect deck is an art, a science, and a testament to your understanding of card synergy, tactics, and adaptability.

Join us as we delve deep into the Rush Arena meta, dissect the most effective card combinations, and explore strategies that have propelled players to high trophy numbers. It’s time to sharpen your skills, fine-tune your deck, and prepare for battles that will test your mettle. So, Rush Arena enthusiasts, brace yourselves as we unveil the best decks the game has to offer.


What I usually do is copy my opponent’s deck when I see one that impresses me. These decks are mostly in the order in which I played them in season 10: Golden Age. Thus, in general, you will see my trophy count go up as you scroll down the page. Will I make it to 7000 trophies for the first time ever? Read on and find out!

Last update: October 2023


Rush Arena Overview

A. Polymorph / Khungan / Magma Spirit / Mirror / Medallion

B. Polymorph / Armorer / Slug / Goblin Rider / Medallion

C. Magma Spirit / Tinker / Forestlord / Ra / Medallion

D. Armorer / Khungan / Reaper / Slug / Medallion

E. Armorer / Khungan / Reaper / Slug / Bannerlord

F. Khungan / Slug / Polymorph / Mirror / Medallion [The Best of All]

Final Thoughts

Rush Arena Overview

Rush Arena is an engaging mobile strategy game developed by MY.GAMES, the same creators of Rush Royale. Blending elements of collectible card games, tower defense, and real-time strategy, Rush Arena offers a unique and competitive gaming experience that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide.

Whether you’re a casual player looking for quick, exciting matches or a competitive player seeking to climb the ranks, Rush Arena offers a rich and ever-evolving gaming experience that continues to captivate players of all ages. Join the Rush Arena community, assemble your deck, and clash with players worldwide in the pursuit of victory!

A. Rush Arena Best Decks: Polymorph / Khungan / Magma Spirit / Mirror / Medallion

This image shows that I was at 6182 trophies when I encountered a much stronger opponent.

Firstly, this deck runs Magma Spirit to put pressure on the opponent, and kill weaker units like Khungan. Secondly, our Khungan is for eliminating tough warriors like Berserker. Thirdly, Polymorph is for converting their units into sheep, hence the higher the rank, the better.

Mirror is mostly used to copy Medallion, but can also copy Magma or any other unit when needed.

As you can see in the next image, my Polymorph countered his Berserker, with help from my Khungan. It looks like my Magma Spirit was countered by their Polymorph.

B. Polymorph / Armorer / Slug / Goblin Rider / Medallion

This time, I am running Goblin Rider to take out tough units such as Bannerlord. Also, I have Armorer to eliminate weaker units such as Khungan and flying units such as Zeus.

Slug is great at soaking up damage, especially if they don’t have a way to kill it.

This was a quick battle versus a stronger player. Armorer did the most damage and carried me for the win.

C. Magma Spirit / Tinker / Forestlord / Ra / Medallion

In this Rush Arena deck, I have Forestlord for removing tough units such as Bannerlord. Magma Spirit can take out weaker units such as Vampire. Tinker is a flying unit that specializes in attacking other flyers, such as Zeus.

This battle didn’t take long, with Magma Spirit bullying my opponent.

Ra did practically nothing in this game. I think I ran it because whenever I would mana-level it, a random faction week warrior would rank up.

Damage stats screenshot of rush arena best decks with magma spirit, tinker, forest lord, Ra and medallion

D. Armorer / Khungan / Reaper / Slug / Medallion

Gameplay screenshot of rush arena best decks with armorer, khungan, reaper, slug and medallion

At this point, I started taking screenshots of my unit setups. This way, you will have an idea of what rank my warriors were and their position on the board when I won the game.

I also changed my spell to Thunder and Lightning instead of Reinforcements.

I like to have a slug (bigger size) on my Hero’s Mantle gem tile (see the middle of the board). It counters Magma Spirit. Even though he has Khungan to kill Slug, my Armorer counters them before they can do that.

Khungan should be at least rank 3 in order for it to spawn 2 warriors instead of just 1.

I also focus on ranking up units on my Legion gem board tiles.

Looking at the next image, apparently Reaper does well when positioned on Legion gem tiles.

At the end, we came away with a victory against a player with a much higher Battle Power of 8063 versus my 5536.

E. Rush Arena Best Decks: Armorer / Khungan / Reaper / Slug / Bannerlord

Gameplay screenshot of rush arena best decks with armorer, khungan, reaper, slug and bannerlord

Next, I tested running Bannerlord in one of my Rush Arena best decks instead of Medallion. Bannerlord taunts enemy warriors into attacking it. Therefore, it is great at making their ranged units come closer into my main damage units’ attack range.

My Armorer counters his Zeus and also the flying Piglets that appear when Officer Piggle dies.

His Officer Piggle counters my Khungan, because it takes 8 hits to completely eliminate each Piggle. For this reason, I didn’t focus too much on making Khungan.

In this battle, my opponent did not have a reliable way to deal with my Slugs. Thus, it wasn’t a long game.

Yet again, I beat a much stronger opponent and thought I had finally found the best Rush Arena deck possible. I started thinking that making it to 7000 trophies (for the first time) was a possibility!

F. Khungan / Slug / Polymorph / Mirror / Medallion [The Best Rush Arena Deck of All]

In one of my next battles, I went up against a deck that destroyed me. What’s more, my opponent did not even have a higher battle power than me.

On the positive side, I was able to copy this deck and test if it was better than what I had been running up to this point. Boy, was I happy with the results! Here are the toughest foes I met while trying to get to 7000 trophies:


Gameplay screenshot of rush arena best decks with khungan slug polymorph mirror and medallion

I had seen NARUTO1 in game before, and I would usually surrender to them due to their high battle power and cards. But not this time. This time was different, I had been on an incredible winning streak with my previous deck and was not going to back down.

I just noticed that he ran the same deck that anykey was running (see my last deck).

With no efficient way to take out my Slugs, I spammed them, and took the win somewhat easily.

Although my Polymorph usually counters Officer Piggle and Zeus (and nearly everything else), there was not much need for it in this game.

After this victory, I am feeling really happy with myself and realized that this was one of my best Rush Arena decks!


Gameplay screenshot of rush arena best decks with khungan slug polymorph mirror and medallion

After a few more relatively easy games, I came up against BizNiz, a very strong player who, for some reason, was running Cultist level 7.

I was able to place Khungans on all my special board tiles, and made several Polymorphs to help take him down.

Their deck had Polymorph too, which in theory can counter my Slugs, but my Khungan counters his Polymorph by multiplying itself when at rank 3+.

With no reliable way to deal with my Slugs, I take the win after a somewhat lengthy battle.

I now have 6722 trophies and know that getting to 7000 is just a matter of time with this Rush Arena best deck!


Gameplay screenshot of rush arena best decks with khungan slug polymorph mirror and medallion

Soon, I encountered my strongest foe yet, Cajun Honey. They have level 9 units and a huge battle power rating of 9179 versus my 5566.

They were running a very tough high health deck with Magma Spirit as their main damage source. However, they forgot to include a unit to eliminate tough tanking warriors, such as my Slug.

Normally, Magma Spirit, Officer Piggle and Phoenix can counter my Khungan, but it didn’t matter because my units were hiding behind Slugs.

I made sure to make my Khungans at least rank 3 and also have a couple of big Slugs on the front row.

I tried to make Khungans on all my Legion board tiles, but was not able to. We don’t want Slug on these special tiles because they will die to one hit.

After a long battle, my Khungan was able to cut through all their health, with help from Polymorph.

We triumphed yet again and set our sights on the main goal of achieving 7000 trophies!

Rush Arena Best Decks: Final Thoughts

In the thrilling world of Rush Arena, where strategic battles unfold at lightning speed, finding the best decks can be a game-changer. These decks, born from experimentation, adaptability, and a deep understanding of hero abilities, have the potential to lead you to victory in the heat of battle.

As we wrap up our exploration of Rush Arena’s best decks, it’s essential to remember that the game’s dynamic and ever-changing nature ensures that no single deck reigns supreme indefinitely. The best decks of today may evolve into something different tomorrow as developers introduce new heroes, balance changes, and gameplay adjustments.

So, whether you’re looking to refine your current deck or experiment with entirely new strategies, always keep in mind that adaptation and flexibility are key to mastering Rush Arena. The best decks are not static; they are a reflection of your skills, adaptability, and willingness to explore different combinations.

Embrace the challenge, learn from your battles, and stay open to new strategies and warrior synergies. Rush Arena’s ever-shifting arena offers endless opportunities for strategic innovation and mastery. May your journey in the arena be filled with thrilling victories and valuable learning experiences as you continue to refine your best deck for the battles that lie ahead.

I couldn’t believe I was defeating all these players who I would normally just give up to. This is a very good thing for the game, because it means us free-to-play players actually have a chance of ranking up the ladder with the so-called “whales“. I actually went on to achieve 7000 trophies for the first time, and it felt fantastic!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. Your interest and engagement mean the world to me.

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