RUSH ARENA Best Deck List

Rush Arena is a fast-paced action game where you can choose from different characters and battle against other players in a Clash Royale type arena. The game requires strategy and skill to win, and having the best deck can make a big difference. A deck is a combination of five cards that you can use in the game, each with their own abilities and effects. Read on to discover great decks you can run in PvP, including my Rush Arena best deck of them all!

There are many possible decks that you can use in Rush Arena, but some of them are more effective than others. Depending on your play style and preference, you may want to try different decks and see what works best for you. However, if you are looking for general tips and suggestions, I present you with the Rush Arena best decks that took me all the way to 7000 trophies!


These Rush Arena decks were played during Season 11 over different faction weeks. You may also read about each legendary card on my Rush Arena Tier List.

Last update: October 2023.

Rush Arena Best Deck List

1. Armorer / Khungan / Polymorph / Slug / Medallion

Rush Arena best deck PvP

In this Rush Arena deck I run Armorer to counter weaker units and flyers such as Khungan, Batsies, etc…

I have Khungan of course, because it is the best Legendary card right now in my opinion.

Polymorph helps counter any big, hard-to-kill units such as Jotunn, Officer Piggle, Magma Spirit, Bannerlord, Slug, etc…

Slug is my tank unit, and Medallion is there to rank up my best warriors.

Since my opponent had no way to deal with Slug, I was able to beat this very strong Rush Arena PvP player who had 11,174 battle power at the time (I had 5621).

I put Slug on my Hero’s Mantle gem tile to make it even harder to eliminate. Also, I tried to put Khungan on my Legion gem board tiles.

I knew I had to make big Polymorphs to help counter his units, which are hard to deal with.

Armorer is not needed much here, but helped get rid of the pesky flying pigs.

Rush Arena best deck PvP

The damage difference was abysmal as you can see in this image. This was totally unexpected.

2. Magma Spirit / Jotunn / Batsies / Khungan / Medallion

Rush Arena best deck PvP

This deck beat me, so I copied it.

This Rush Arena deck includes Magma Spirit to counter weaker ground units such as Khungan. My Magma is only level 7, so I had to switch it out later on in the season.

Jotunn pulls the attention of the enemy as it strides towards their tower. A tough unit that can be difficult to deal with.

Batsies bypasses all ground units and attacks enemy flying warriors if encountered. If none are found, Batsies goes straight for their tower.

Khungan counters heavy enemies such as Slug.

Medallion is a staple in most PvP decks.

You want to create 4 Magma Spirits with the biggest one on a special tile. In the image you can see I have a rank 5 Magma on my Hero’s Mantle gem tile.

Your Khungans should be at least rank 3, in order to summon two at a time.

In this battle, Batsies was dying pretty fast so I kept them to a minimum.

Their Khungan counters my Jotunn, so I did not focus on making that unit.

The faction week was ranking up my Khungan and Batsies, so I focused my Medallions on Magma Spirit.

Rush Arena best deck PvP

My opponent’s damage dealt was higher than mine because my units had more HP.

3. Bannerlord / Mirror / Mana / Khungan / Medallion

At around 6000 trophies I started using this Rush Arena deck, and it did very well. These images are from my battle against an 86% winrate player called Nep Nep, but I had several other great games I could have posted instead.

My Rush Arena deck has Bannerlord to taunt my enemies into attacking it. This effect protects my Khungan units while they deal with my opponent’s Goblin Riders and Bannerlords.

Mana Flask is there to provide mana that can be used to create more high-ranked Khungans.

Mirror works well with Mana Flask and Medallion. Just copy whatever you need the most.

Since this deck focuses on Khungan, you want to place them on your special tiles.

Your Khungans should be at least rank 3, in order to summon two at a time.

When you merge, be careful not to make a huge Mana Flask, Mirror or Medallion that you cannot use.

Rush Arena best deck PvP
Rush Arena best deck PvP

My total damage dealt was much higher than theirs because my opponent’s units had more HP.

4. Zeus / Running Bomb / Slug / Khungan / Medallion

I started running Zeus and also Slug to counter Magma Spirit decks.

Running Bomb was an attempt to counter oponents that had Khungan in their deck. Too many units counter it, so I replaced it in my later PvP decks.

It looks like my opponent disconnected because they had few units and they were low ranked. Also, they were winning the game by a lot.

Their Goblin Rider and Polymorph can counter my Slugs, but it’s not a 100% sure thing.

His units counter my Running Bombs, so I didn’t focus too much on them.

Rush Arena best deck PvP

The damage dealt screen indicates how strong Khungan is in this deck.

5. Zeus / Bannerlord / Slug / Khungan / Medallion

Rush Arena best deck PvP

I used to be scared of meeting Cultist in PvP, but not anymore. Both Slug and Bannerlord can counter their Cultist.

It’s very important to time your Spell activation correctly. Use it to eliminate a wave of units created by their Legion gem and mana-ranking. They will die from one hit. Also, you can activate your spell just before your opponent receives a new batch of units. This way they will take damage as soon as they appear.

Spread your Bannerlords out a bit so as to keep their Cultists entertained while you attack them.

I didn’t make many Zeus because my opponent did not have Magma Spirit.

Rush Arena best deck PvP

I’m not sure why a 9503 battle power player is running Cultist level 7, but it’s probably because of the faction week at the time.

6. Armorer / Officer Piggle / Goblin Rider / Slug / Khungan

Rush Arena best deck PvP

I’ll be honest, this opponent was a Rush Arena bot. However, it was a strong bot with 6528 trophies and a 77% winrate. I noticed that bots appear when you wait 30 seconds for a PvP match, and they have 8400 battle power.

You don’t want to lose to a Rush Arena bot because they can take away like 50 trophies from your score (even if they have more trophies than you). So only wait 30 seconds to be matched if you are sure to beat them. Otherwise, just cancel at 25 seconds and restart the search.

This Rush Rena deck is very HP heavy and runs Armorer to try and counter any Khungan players.

The bot’s Goblin Rider is its only way to deal with my Slugs, but they need to survive a few seconds in order to do that.

My Khungan counters pretty much all their units.

I waited for their Guardian to die and then sent mine in for the easy win.

Rush Arena best deck PvP

Their Zeus did well but could not carry them to victory.

7. The Rush Arena best deck: Khungan / Polymorph / Bannerlord / Slug / Medallion

This was my Rush Arena best deck of the season! It was very similar to my last season’s best deck.

On this page I have pretty much explained what the cards in this deck do and also what they counter. For additional information you may see my Rush Arena Tier List of Legendary Cards.

For some reason my opponent made several Slugs. In my opinion, this is a mistake due to me running Khungan.

My Bannerlords distracted his Khungans just enough for me to deal with them with my own.

I tried to avoid having any Slugs on my field but it was not possible.

Rush Arena best deck PvP
Rush Arena best deck PvP

Still, I took the win with help from my Polymorph.

Rush Arena Best Deck: Conclusion

This blog post was about my experience and strategy in playing Rush Arena. I shared the best decks that I used in the game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You learned how to counter some of the meta cards and tactics that are commonly played in the game, such as Magma Spirit, Cultist, and Khungan. I have revealed my best deck of the season, which consists of Khungan, Polymorph, Bannerlord, Slug, and Medallion. This deck is very effective and versatile, and I invite you, the reader, to try it out for yourself!

Thank you so much for reading this article!

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