Survivor io Best Skills: Weapons to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Survivor io best skills Destroyer is a relatively new mobile game that combines bullet hell shooter and roguelike elements. In this game, you have to fight your way through hordes of zombies and other enemies, using various weapons and skills that you can collect and upgrade along the way. But what are the best skills to choose in How can you make the most of your skill combinations and evolutions? In this blog post, I will give you some tips and recommendations on how to pick the best skills for your survivor.

Last update: November 2023

Unevolved Skills vs Evolved Skills

I have divided these best skills into 3 sections:

  1. Starter weapon skills
  2. Unevolved weapon skills
  3. Evolved weapon skills

Starter weapon skills depend on the weapon you equip before playing a stage.

Unevolved weapon skills are the ones that have not been upgraded with supplies, while evolved weapon skills are the normal ones that have been combined with supplies. The weakest weapons are the unevolved ones.

For each section, I have listed these skills in order from the most recommended to the least recommended. There are many more skills, but I have only listed the best. It goes without saying that most if not all of these weapon skills benefit greatly from the +Attack supply.

Section 1. Best Skills: Starter Weapons

As a free-to-play gamer, these are the best starter weapon skills that I have tested:


Sword of Disorder is at the top of this best skills list because it’s the strongest starter weapon that I have tested so far. I received it by playing during the 2023 Halloween event.

This weapon skill has a snake-like effect, touching multiple enemies while dealing lots of damage. It is very strong against bosses, but also against mobs in general.

At max level, Sword of Disorder combines with the Magnet supply to form Sword of Domination. Magnet makes your run much more enjoyable because you easily pick up drops and level up faster.

Bullet/projectile speed (Ammo Thruster supply) can make it deal damage faster.


Kunai is second on this best skills list because after testing, it proved to be a very powerful starter weapon. In some cases, it “vaporizes” bosses before you even see them appear. It’s also a great weapon skill to keep you alive early in a stage, hence, you might want to upgrade and evolve it as soon as possible.

At max level, Kunai combines with the Koga Ninja Scroll (more experience) supply to form Super Shuriken. Bullet/projectile speed (Ammo Thruster supply) can make it even more lethal. Super Shuriken is great versus bosses


Baseball Bat shines when dealing with large groups of enemies. It will push them back and also deal damage. You can support it with HE Fuel (more range) and Energy Cube (less cooldown), among other supplies.

At max level, Baseball Bat combines with the Fitness Guide (more HP) supply to form Lucille. I consider this a downside, since there are much more useful supplies than Fitness Guide in the game.

Section 2. Best Skills: Unevolved Weapons

Running an unevolved weapon skill allows you to include a great supply in your build, such as +attack, -cooldown, +magnet or +move speed. In case you are not planning to, or are unable to evolve a weapon skill, these are listed from best to worst:


The best unevolved weapon skill is Forcefield, in my opinion. For the early and middle waves of a stage/chapter, an unevolved Forcefield will keep your enemies at bay and even eliminate them. However, its damage falls off during the later waves. I find that it benefits from +range and +attack the most.


Guardian is my second option in this section of best skills because it can stop ranged attacks from hitting me even when unevolved. Although not a huge damage dealer, I frequently run it in my builds since it is especially useful during boss fights. It also has a knockback effect and benefits from +range, +bullet speed, -cooldown.


Modular Mine can deal plenty of damage when not evolved, especially if you support it with HE Fuel (more range).


Even if you don’t evolve Molotov, at max level it will help protect your character with a circular barrier of fire. It becomes more effective with the HE Fuel (more range) and Exo-Bracer (more duration) supplies.

Section 3. Best Skills: Evolved Weapons


Survivor io best skills Destroyer

Destroyer is probably the best weapon that I have played in the game so far. It tops this section of our Survivor io best skills list because on one hand, it deals a ton of damage around your character, and on the other, Destroyer does not need a supply in order to evolve. Thus, you can run a great supply that normally you might not be able to, such as +Attack or Magnet.

Destroyer is the union of both drones (Type-A and Type-B), and they need to be max level. The drones are not that great when unevolved, and for this reason, make sure you have at least one other strong weapon to carry you until you can finally create Destroyer.

Survivor io best skills Destroyer Destroyer in action


Survivor io best skills Thunderbolt Bomb

This is my second-best weapon skill in the game. Just like Destroyer and Inferno Bomb, a supply is not needed for this weapon skill.

Thunderbolt Bomb is the union of max level Modular Mine with max level Lightning Emitter. I recommend you avoid picking up the Energy Cube supply because if you kill a boss, the reward chest might evolve your max level Lightning Emitter into Supercell instead.

Survivor io best skills Thunderbolt Bomb Thunderbolt Bomb in action

INFERNO BOMB best skills Inferno Bomb

Inferno Bomb is the union of max level Modular Mine with max level Molotov, and is one of the best skills. After this weapon skill is formed, bombs are periodically created on the field and explode on contact with an enemy, dealing AOE fire damage.

In this case, I recommend you avoid picking up the Oil Bond supply because if you kill a boss, the reward chest might automatically evolve your max level Molotov into Fuel Barrel instead. best skills Inferno Bomb Inferno Bomb in action


At first, I did not consider Force Barrier as a best skills option for the evolved section. However, after further testing I can safely say that it is a very important skill to have when facing multiple enemies at once. In the correct build, you can even “bully” the mobs by marching right through them with this skill.

Force Barrier has a very useful enemy pushback effect that gives you precious seconds for your other weapons to eliminate them. Additionally, its evolution supply is pretty good also:

Force Barrier is the evolution of Forcefield with the Energy Drink (heals you over time) supply. As you know, healing is very useful in games where you are trying to survive.


Next on the list, and another best skills option, is Quantum Ball, which deals damage by bouncing off your enemies. I was surprised to see how well it performed during my testing, because it may not seem to do much damage. Another reason to run this weapon skill is its great evolution supply:

Quantum Ball is the evolution of Soccer Ball with the Sports Shoes (more move speed) supply. Movement speed is very useful, especially during boss fights.


A great weapon skill for dealing with bosses, it hits a random enemy and does AOE lightning damage. Before running Kunai in my builds, this was my staple weapon for dealing with big enemies. Nowadays I run it mostly because of its great evolution supply:

Supercell is the evolution of Lightning Emitter with the Energy Cube (less cooldown) supply. Energy Cube is probably the best supply in the game.


Molotov is good, but Fuel Barrel is even more powerful and creates a large circle of fire on the ground around you. You can make the circle even larger with the HE Fuel (more range) supply and last longer with the Exo-Bracer (more duration) supply.

Fuel Barrell is the evolution of Molotov with the Oil Bond (more gold) supply. Hence, you might want to pass on this skill due to its lackluster evolution supply (Oil Bond).


This evolved weapon skill periodically fires a slow-moving torpedo towards your enemies that explodes on contact and deals AOE damage. More than one torpedo can be on screen at the same time, making it a good supporting weapon.

Sharkmaw Gun is the evolution of RPG with the HE Fuel (more range) supply. HE Fuel is one of the top 2 best supplies in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best skills in that I recommend you to try out. Of course, there are many other skills and combinations that you can experiment with and have fun with. The best way to find out what works for you is to play the game and see for yourself. I hope this blog post has been helpful and informative for you. Thank you for reading and happy surviving!

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