Backpack Battles Combinations: Items that work well together

Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles is a strategy game where you have to pack your backpack with items that will help you in combat. You can buy different items with various shapes, sizes, prices, and rarities, and combine them to create more powerful equipment. Also, you can brew potions, craft weapons, or even hatch dragons! You can fight against other players’ builds and see how your backpack fares against theirs. You can play in Ranked mode or Casual mode, depending on your preference. Backpack Battles is a game that tests your space management skills and your strategic thinking. In this article I have listed many Backpack Battles combinations of different items that work well together. They are ordered alphabetically for your convenience. At the bottom of the page, you can see the items that work well with most weapons in general. This is to avoid repeating the same items on each weapon.

As you probably know, you may play Backpack Battles on Steam.

This article is a work in progress, you can check back from time to time for new combinations.

Last update: November 2023.

Bloodthorne (Godly)

Backpack Battles combinations: Bloodthorne with yggdrasil leaf, healing herbs, vampiric gloves and strong health potion.

Bloodthorne is a powerful vampiric, nature weapon created by the recipe: Hungry Blade + Thorn Whip. When it hits your opponent, it converts 1 Heart into 1 Spike and 1 Vampirism, and these in turn buff Bloodthorne’s damage. In other words, you want to create as many hearts as possible when running Bloodthorne. Thus, it has many possible Backpack Battles combinations including:

With Healing Herbs

A common accessory item that creates 2 hearts at the start of the battle.

With Holy Armor

Holy Armor creates 2 hearts for each holy item connected to it.

With Strong Health Potion

When your health drops below 50%, Strong Health Potion heals you for 18, gains 2 hearts and cleanses 4 poison.

With Vampiric Gloves

After 4 seconds, Vampiric Gloves creates 6 Vampirism. It also gives connected items 35% faster activation. Both of these effects are great for Bloodthorne.

With Yggdrasil Leaf (Ranger Unique)

Yggdrasil Leaf appears in the shop to rangers on round 8, and creates 1 mana and 1 heart per nature item in a specific position.

Darksaber (Reaper Class) Backpack Battles Combinations

Darksaber is produced by the recipe of Lightsaber + Demonic Flask. It’s a godly weapon that deals 0.5 additional damage per debuff on your opponent. Also, when it attacks, it uses 1 mana to inflict 1 blind to your opponent. Darksaber works well with anything that applies a debuff on your rival and thus has many Backpack Battles combinations. For example, it has synergy with the Reaper’s Coffin (inflicts poison) and gemstones such as the Emerald (inflicts poison) and Sapphire (inflicts cold).

With Mana Orb/Blueberries

Mana Orb produces mana when placed correctly in your backpack. Blueberries also generate mana needed by Darksaber to cast blind on your opponent.

With Poison Dagger

Poison Dagger is an epic melee weapon that is created with the recipe of Dagger + Pestilence Flask. It applies 2 poison to your opponent when it hits, thus boosting your Darksaber’s damage.

With Poison Goobert

Poison Goobert is an epic pet that is created with the recipe of Goobert + 2 x Fly Agaric. When activated, it removes 2 poison from you and gives 4 poison to your opponent.

With Shovel

Shovel is a rare melee weapon that has a chance to inflict 1 blind on your foe each time it hits.

Death Scythe (Reaper Class)

Backpack Battles combinations: Death Scythe with Mr.Struggles, Pandamonium, Pestilence Flask and Demonic Flask.

Death Scythe is a very large, legendary, melee weapon that makes eligible connected items generate twice as much poison. Therefore, this weapon has many Backpack Battles combinations.

In the image above you can see the stars indicating the squares where you must place the items in order to be affected by Death Scythe’s effect.

With Demonic Flask

Demonic Flask activates when your rival has less than 50% health and deals damage based on your opponent’s debuffs (such as poison). Thus, you want to inflict a lot of debuffs on your opponent before this potion activates.

With Fly Agaric

This food item gives a poison debuff to your rival every few seconds.

With Mr.Struggles

Whenever you receive a debuff such as poison, Mr.Struggles has a chance to cast one on your opponent.

With Pandamonium

When food activates next to Pandamonium, a poison is placed on your opponent. You can create this legendary, recipe, melee weapon by combining a Pan with a Corrupted Crystal.

With Pestilence Flask

When your foe regenerates health, Pestilence Flask activates and casts 3 poison on your opponent and 1 on yourself.

With Poison Dagger

Poison Dagger is an epic, melee recipe weapon that inflicts 2 poison on your rival whenever it hits. It is created by combining a normal Dagger with a Pestilence Flask.

Djinn Lamp (Godly)

Djinn Lamp is a godly accessory item that periodically gains either 1 clover, 1 spikes or 1 mana, depending on what you have least of.

It can also buff a weapon, giving it +27 damage. This requires 7 mana, 7 spikes, 7 clovers, 7 armor and 27 health to trigger. The armor is the hardest to come by because it is not generated by Djinn Lamp, but even if it triggers just once, you can win the game.

In the above image you can see 5 Djinn Lamps and a Falcon Blade that has increased damage due to the Lamp’s effect.

With Flute

Flute has a chance to produce 12 armor. If you have the other necessary buffs when Flute does this, then Djinn Lamp will trigger its +27 damage effect.

With Shield of Valor

Shield of Valor has a chance to produce 8 armor when you receive a melee hit. If you have the other necessary buffs when it does this, then Djinn Lamp will trigger its +27 damage effect.

Falcon Blade (Legendary) Backpack Battles Combinations

Falcon Blade is a lethal weapon that hits twice each time it activates. It also gives a faster activation time to eligible items that are connected/next to it.

With Carrot Goobert (Ranger class)

Carrot Goobert is a Backpack Battles pet that is created with the recipe of Goobert + 2 x Carrot. When activated, it cleanses 3 random debuffs from you and gives you 2 empower for 5 seconds. Each empower will give your weapons +1 damage.

With Gems

Most gems have effects that benefit from a weapon that hits twice. For example, the Amethyst gem that removes buffs or the Emerald gem that applies poison.

On the other hand, you can place a gem such as Corrupted Crystal next to your Falcon Blade, so that it activates faster.

Lightsaber (Godly)

Lightsaber is a godly, holy, melee weapon that uses 3 hearts to inflict 8 blind for 5 seconds. Also, it deals +1 damage per blind on your foe. This might sound like a lot of hearts, but if set up correctly, Lightsaber can deal a lot of damage in those 5 seconds.

With Holy Armor

Among other effects, at the start of the battle, Holy Armor creates 2 hearts for each holy item connected to it. Hence, remember to put it next to your holy Lightsaber(s).

With Light Goobert

Light Goobert is a godly, holy pet that when activated, heals you for 18 and inflicts 6 blind for 3 seconds.

Magic Staff (Epic) Backpack Battles Combinations

Magic Staff is a ranged weapon that on attack uses 3 mana to deal +6 damage and also gain 2 damage for that battle. The idea here is to always have mana available in order for Magic Staff to become stronger.

With Mana Orb/Blueberries

Any item that generates mana such as these will support Magic Staff.

With Manathirst

Manathirst is a legendary, vampiric, recipe weapon created by combining Hungry Blade with Mana Orb. It produces mana when it hits and also steals life.

Piercing Arrow (Ranger Class)

Piercing Arrow is a Unique, Ranger item that creates a lot of Clovers when used properly and has several Backpack Battles combinations. The Clovers increase your weapon’s accuracy, and more importantly, your weapon’s critical chance (when in your Ranger bag).

In the above image you can see the rhombus/diamond shaped icons indicating the squares that will activate Piercing Arrow. You want very fast activating items on these tiles, and in this example, we have Falcon Blade, Bloodthorne, Spiked Shield and Jynx Torquilla (the bird).

Some weapons due to their shape can both help activate Piercing Arrow, and at the same time, be buffed by Piercing Arrow. For example, Thorn Whip and Hammer, among others.

With Bow and Arrow

Point your Bow and Arrow at a fast-hitting weapon (such as Falcon Blade) with high critical chance and it will frequently deal 2 hits instead of one.

With Carrot

Carrot is a common item that has a chance to produce Empower when you have at least 5 Clovers. Each Empower buffs your weapons with 1 extra damage.

With Fancy Fencing Rapier

Each Clover gives your weapons 5% more accuracy. Fancy Fencing Rapier is a low accuracy melee weapon that either gains 2 damage when it hits your opponent, or gains 3 Clovers when it misses. Since your Piercing Arrow will be producing Clovers, Fencing Rapier should be hitting more frequently and becoming stronger.

Ripsaw Blade (Legendary) Backpack Battles Combinations

Ripsaw Blade is a Legendary melee weapon whos effect is to remove 2 spikes and 2 hearts from your foe whenever it hits.

With multiple melee weapons

Running multiple melee weapons such as daggers in your build can be useful, but they are vulnerable to any spikes that your rival may have. Ripsaw Blade removes these Spikes, thus allowing your melee weapons to deal their damage and effects without fear of retribution.

Spectral Dagger (Legendary)

Spectral Dagger’s recipe is Dagger + Mana Orb. This legendary melee weapon uses 1 mana to deal +7 damage when it hits.

With Mana Orb/Blueberries

Mana Orb produces mana when positioned properly in your backpack. Blueberries also generate mana needed by Spectral Dagger to deal additional damage to your opponent.

With Manathirst

Manathirst is a legendary, vampiric, recipe weapon created by combining Hungry Blade with Mana Orb. It produces mana when it hits and also steals life.

Weapons in general Backpack Battles Combinations

Backpack Battles combinations: A weapon supported by Acorns and Djinn Lamp.

The following items will buff most weapons in Backpack Battles:

Acorn Collar

Acorn Collar is an epic, nature accessory that gives your nearby weapons a higher critical chance when they hit. Each Clover gives your weapons 5% more critical hit chance if they are within your Ranger bag. So, if you have for example 4 Clovers, said weapons will have 20% critical chance.

Each Acorn Collar will give your weapons an additional 5% critical chance. This means that in the previous example of 4 Clovers, said weapons within your Ranger bag will have 40% critical chance. If you have 2 Acorns, the chance will be 60%! It is pretty easy to get to 100% critical chance this way.

The following table illustrates how much critical chance you will have for each Acorn Collar connected to your weapon:

CloversWithout Ranger BagWith Ranger Bag

Djinn Lamp

Djinn Lamp will give a weapon +27 damage when certain conditions are met.

Steel Goobert

Steel Goobert is a legendary pet that when activated will give weapons above and below it +2 damage.