Backpack Battles Best Builds to Rank Fast

Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles is a game that challenges you to create the best build possible with your backpack full of items. You have to consider the shape, size, price, rarity, and attributes of each item, and how they can be combined to create even more powerful equipment. Then, you have to face other players’ builds and see who has the better strategy. In this blog post, I will share some of the best backpack battles builds that I have found or created, and explain why they work so well. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you will find some useful tips and tricks to improve your game. In this article I have listed several Backpack Battles best builds, and they are ordered alphabetically for your convenience.

As you probably know, you may play Backpack Battles on Steam. This article is a work in progress, you can check back from time to time for new builds. You can also click on an underlined item name for its details. Let’s get started!

Last update: November 2023.

Bloodthorne (Godly) Backpack Battles Best Builds

Bloodthorne is a powerful, vampiric, nature weapon created by the recipe: Hungry Blade + Thorn Whip. When it hits your opponent, it converts 1 Heart into 1 Spike and 1 Vampirism, and these in turn buff Bloodthorne’s damage. Therefore, you want to create as many hearts as possible when running Bloodthorne.

1. With Yggdrasil Leaf, Healing Herbs, Pineapple, Vampiric Gloves and Djinn Lamp (Ranger)

Backpack Battles best builds: Bloodthorne with yggdrasil leaf, healing herbs, vampiric gloves and strong health potion.

This build wins by quickly dealing lots of damage buffed by spikes and vampirism. Pineapple produces spikes every few seconds.

This build runs Djinn Lamp, but lacks the armor to trigger its +27 damage effect. The Lamp is here mainly to generate spikes and clover. It also runs Strong Heroic Potion because you will probably run out of stamina due to Vampiric Gloves.

As you know, Healing Herbs generates hearts at the start of the battle, as does Yggdrasil Leaf.

Claws of Attack (Epic)

Claws of Attack is a fast-attacking, epic, melee weapon that produces 1 empower after every 5 hits and is created by combining Gloves of Haste with Walrus Tusk. It also attacks 5% faster for each spike you have.

This build deals damage very quickly if you can obtain the necessary recipe items. Its goal is to create a lot of empower and spikes to boost Claws of Attack’s damage.

1. With Piercing Arrow, Carrot Goobert and Acorn Collar (Ranger)

Backpack Battles best builds: Claws of attack with piercing arrow, carrot goobert and acorn collars

Carrot Goobert can generate a lot of temporary empower when activated with fast weapons and items.

Acorn Collar will give you a higher chance of dealing critical blows, thanks mainly to Piercing Arrow’s Clover producing effect.

Jynx Torquilla speeds up your items, including your weapons.

Djinn Lamp and Pineapple are both spike producing items.

Darksaber (Reaper Class) Backpack Battles Best Builds

Darksaber is produced by the recipe of Lightsaber + Demonic Flask. It’s a godly weapon that deals 0.5 additional damage per debuff on your opponent. Also, when it attacks, it uses 1 mana to inflict 1 blind to your opponent. Darksaber works well with anything that applies a debuff on your rival and is one of my Backpack Battles best builds. For example, it has synergy with the Reaper’s Coffin (inflicts poison) and gemstones such as the Emerald (inflicts poison) and Sapphire (inflicts cold).

1. With Cursed Dagger, Death Scythe, Pocket Sand, Heroic Potion

Death Scythe duplicates the poison output of items connected to it, such as Poison Dagger and Cursed Dagger.

Poison Dagger inflicts more poison, thus boosting Darksaber’s damage. Cursed Dagger is a unique Reaper class weapon similar to Poison Dagger in that it also debuffs your opponent.

Mana Orb produces mana needed by Darksaber to cast even more blind on your opponent.

The Heroic Potions provide stamina and empower.

Falcon Blade (Legendary)

Falcon Blade is a lethal weapon that hits twice each time it activates. It also gives a faster activation time to eligible items that are connected/next to it.

1. With Piercing Arrow, Carrot Goobert, Djinn Lamp and Acorn Collar (Ranger)

Backpack Battles best builds: Falcon blade with piercing arrow, carrot goobert, djinn lamp and acorn collars.

In this Backpack Battles best builds option, Piercing Arrow creates clovers and Acorn Collar gives your connected weapons more critical chance per clover. Carrot Goobert’s job is mainly to create empower.

Djinn Lamp will give your Falcon Blade +27 damage (game over) if it activates. You only need 1 Lamp to apply the +27 damage, but the more you have, the faster it will activate. The most I have had at one time is 6 Djinn Lamps, and it was lethal. This build wins by dealing quick critical attacks boosted by empower.

Fatigue Backpack Battles Best Builds

The idea of this Backpack Battles best builds option is to make it to the fatigue period and then let Mr. Struggles do his thing. You win by inflicting fatigue damage.

1. With Mr. Struggles, Potions, Shield of Valor, Shovel and Corrupted Crystals (Reaper)

Backpack Battles best builds: Fatigue with Mr. Struggles, Shield of Valor, Shovel and Corrupted Crystals.

For this build you want to connect your Corrupted Crystals to Mr. Struggles, but just place them in your backpack if you can’t.

The Health Potions and Stone Skin Potions extend your life by healing you and generating lots of armor.

Shield of Valor not only extends your life, but also tries to stop your rival from attacking you by taking their stamina away. Additionally, it boosts the armor production of items connected to it, such as Garlic, Potions, Boots, etc…

Shovel is here to make your opponent miss their attacks on you by inflicting blind. Pocket Sand also inflicts blind on your opponent.

Lightsaber (Godly)

Lightsaber is a godly, holy, melee weapon that uses 3 hearts to inflict 8 blind for 5 seconds. Also, it deals +1 damage per blind on your foe. This might sound like a lot of hearts, but if set up correctly, Lightsaber can deal a lot of damage in those 5 seconds. This build can win by making your opponent miss their attacks and also by dealing a lot of damage in a very short time frame.

1. With Yggdrasil Leaf, Holy Armor, Carrot Goobert, Vampiric Gloves and Heroic Potions (Ranger)

In this Backpack Battles best builds option, Yggdrasil Leaf should provide plenty of hearts for Lightsaber to use. Since your Lightsaber is attacking very fast due to Vampiric Gloves, it will run out of stamina pretty quickly. Therefore, you want to have a Heroic Potion or two on hand.

Remember to put your Holy Armor next to your holy Lightsaber(s) so it can create more hearts. Carrot Goobert can help counter other Lightsaber builds that also try to blind you, by removing debuffs on you. It also creates empower to further boost your damage.

2. With Piercing Arrow, Pocket Sand, Acorn Collar and Heroic Potions (Ranger)

Backpack Battles best builds: Lightsaber with piercing arrow, Pocket Sand, Heroic Potions and acorn collars.

This build focuses entirely on inflicting blind on your opponent and then dealing critical blows with your Lightsabers. It beat me in just over 5 seconds on round 16 in the diamond tier.


In this blog post, we have discussed some of the best builds for different strategies, playstyles and classes, such as critical damage, fatigue, poison and other debuffs. These builds are based on the items’ abilities and synergies. However, these are not the only possible combinations, and you can experiment with your own creativity and preferences. The game is constantly evolving, and new items and features are added regularly. Therefore, it is important to keep up with the updates and changes, and adjust your strategies accordingly. Backpack Battles is a fun and challenging game that requires both skill and luck. We hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned something new. Thank you for reading, and happy battling!