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Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles is a creative auto-battler RPG that focuses on inventory management and item combinations. In this blog post, I will share many Backpack Battles tips and tricks for beginners and intermediate players who want to master this game and win more battles. This is a work in progress and more tips and hints will be added from time to time. Let’s get started! 🎒🗡️

Last update: November 2023.

General Tips and Tricks

You can update Backpack Battles by exiting the game and restarting.

You can move the whole Backpack around with the keyboard’s arrow keys.

Once you click “start battle“, you can cancel the action by clicking it again or by moving an item. You must be quick though.

Aim for one of the Backpack Battles best builds (have a plan), and reroll towards it.

Test builds you are not familiar with in the unranked section.

You can customize your avatar/character with new clothes and items by clicking on the wardrobe on the main screen.

After a battle (or during pausing), you can click the “open log” icon to see all the battle details such as which weapon did the most damage. This way you can determine why you won or lost and make improvements accordingly.

Backpack Battles tips: open combat log to see battle details weapons damage
Backpack Battles combat log

Backpack Battles Tips for Items

The Pan is pretty strong early on, if you have food next to it and enough stamina to attack with it. You can also use Pan later to make a stronger recipe weapon, such as Shovel, Pandemonium or Eggscalibur.

To win the first round or two in Backpack Battles you will probably need a Pan with food, or a couple of weapons.

Early on, you might want to have at least 1 Garlic to counter vampirism. Also, consider a Carrot to help counter poison.

When connecting food, try moving your food around until you find the optimal setup.

If you don’t want to combine an item in a recipe, you can “lock an item by right-clicking on it.

To avoid unwanted recipe merges, lock your best items/weapons until you are ready to combine them. Also, remember to unlock them when needed. This is one of the most important Backpack Battles tips.

I like to keep track of my potions by marking with a lock the first of each one that I received. It makes it much easier to set up again after emptying my backpack. The marked potions should trigger first.

Set up/connect your potions correctly. Remember that when the lower potion activates, it will trigger the effect of the potion above it.

For later rounds, you will probably need to place your Potion Belts (4 tile bag) to one side. You can avoid having to reorganize everything by not placing them in the middle of your backpack.

More Backpack Battles Tips

Clovers can counter the blind effect.

Place debuff gemstones like an Emerald on your fastest weapon for the best effect.

Place lifesteal gemstones on your strongest weapon for maximum healing.

One of the best Backpack Battles tips is that if you have Heroic Potions, you can usually add more weapons to your build. I have run up to 4 Lightsabers this way. Set up your potions in order to obtain the most stamina from them.

Backpack Battles 4 Lightsabers + Heroic Potions

Backpack Battles Shop Tips

Keep an eye on the reroll cost, it goes up in value at times.

Lower rarity items appear more frequently in the shop during the first rounds. Rarer items appear more in later rounds. This means that it might be harder to create a common recipe in the later rounds.

Before starting the last round (18), sell any Box of Riches and Piggybanks you may have.

You can buy items “on sale” in the shop and resell them later without losing any gold. Also, you can buy any item that costs 1 gold, because you can sell it back for the same price.

I don’t recommend reserving bags in the shop unless they are on sale and you can’t buy them now. They are very common and also you might get one on sale next round.

Backpack Battles Tips for Ranger

Remember to have your best weapons in your Ranger Bag so that you receive the critical chance bonus.

Consider placing your Ranger Bag somewhere in the middle of your Backpack for easier weapon connection.

Yggdrasil Leaf (Unique) generates hearts and mana, thus it can work well with Lightsaber or Bloodthorne. You can see what items work well with others here.

Tips for Reaper

You can sometimes counter blind builds with Cursed Dagger, since it will give you additional accuracy.


Backpack Battles is a new, very popular game that challenges players in PvP to manage limited resources. In this blog post, we have shared some Backpack Battles tips and hints on how to improve your skills and strategies in the game. Here are the main points we covered:

  • How to update the game.
  • How to avoid common mistakes in the game.
  • How to use your gold efficiently and effectively in the shop.
  • How to lock an item and examples of when to do this.
  • How to customize your character with new clothes and accessories.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and learned something new. Thank you for your attention and happy gaming! 😊