Backpack Battles Recipes for Destruction

Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles is a fast-growing new game that requires players to organize and combine items in their backpacks and then go up against online opponents. The game has many different strategies, such as critical hits, poison, fatigue and unhealing, that require different combinations, recipes and skill. In this blog post, we will list all the Backpack Battles recipes (in alphabetical order) and provide some tips on how the best ones work.

As you probably know, you may play Backpack Battles on Steam.

Last update: December 2023.

Recipes for all Classes

Bloodthorne (Godly melee weapon)

Backpack Battles Recipes Bloodthorne: Hungry Blade + Thorn Whip

One of the most popular builds, Bloodthorne is a powerful vampiric, nature weapon created by the recipe: Hungry Blade + Thorn Whip. When it hits your opponent, it converts 1 heart into 1 spike and 1 vampirism, and these in turn buff Bloodthorne’s damage. Recommended items: Vampiric Gloves and anything that generates vampirism or makes Bloodthorne attack faster. Also, any item that generates spikes or hearts such as Spiked Shield or Healing Herbs. Ripsaw can help counter Bloodthorne, because it removes hearts and spikes.

Crossblades (Godly melee weapon)

Backpack Battles Recipes Crossblades: Hero Longsword + Falcon Blade

You can create Crossblades by combining Hero Longsword + Falcon Blade. The weapon in the star position gains +10 damage and the item in the rhombus position triggers 60% faster. This is a powerful support weapon when used correctly, but is not that easy to make.

Falcon Blade (Legendary melee weapon)

Backpack Battles Recipes Falcon Blade: Hero Sword + Gloves of Haste x 2

Falcon Blade is a lethal weapon that hits twice each time it activates. Eligible items that are connected/next to it have a faster activation time. It’s recipe is Hero Sword + 2x Gloves of Haste. Since its base damage is low, Falcon Blade works well with items that generate buffs such as empower or vampirism. Its cooldown is not the lowest, therefore it also benefits from items that provide faster activation, such as Gloves or Fanny Pack. This weapon is a part of the Crossblades recipe.

Blood Goobert (Legendary vampiric pet)

Recipe: Goobert + Blood Amulet. If you are running a vampiric build, this pet is a must have, along with Hungry Blade or Bloodthorne.

Bloody Dagger (Legendary vampiric melee weapon)

Dagger + Blood Amulet

Claws of Attack (Epic melee weapon)

This Backpack Battles recipe is Gloves of Haste + Walrus Tusk. Claws of Attack attacks quickly and doesn’t take up much space. It creates empower and works well with Carrot Goobert and items that make spikes. Try to speed it up as much as possible with items such as Gloves and/or Fanny Pack.

Eggscalibur (Legendary holy melee weapon)

Pan + Heroic Potion

Hero Longsword (Legendary melee weapon)

I don’t see this weapon much in my games, perhaps due to the amount of Whetstones needed to make it. I also don’t usually create it. Recipe: Hero Sword + Whetstone x 2. It is a part of the Crossblades recipe.

Hero Sword (Epic melee weapon)

The Hero Sword recipe is Wooden Sword + Whetstone x 2, and is one of the most used since it is necessary for other recipes such as Hero Longsword and Falcon Blade. In early rounds it can be useful by making weak weapons such as Wooden Sword and Broom stronger.

Light Goobert (Godly holy pet)

Light Goobert is a godly, holy pet that when activated, heals you for 18 and inflicts 6 blind for 3 seconds. Combine Goobert + Lightsaber to create it. This pet works very well with the Lightsaber weapon, since it generates blind. It also pairs well with Staff of Unhealing since it heals.

Magic Staff (Epic ranged weapon)

Magic Staff is a ranged weapon that on attack uses 3 mana to deal +6 damage and also gain 2 damage for that battle. The idea here is to always have mana available (from Mana Orb, Blueberries, Manathirst, etc…) in order for Magic Staff to become stronger. Create this weapon with the following recipe: Broom + Mana Orb. This weapon is a part of other recipes such as Staff of Unhealing and Critwood Staff.

Manathirst (Legendary melee weapon)

Manathirst is a vampiric recipe weapon created by combining Hungry Blade + Mana Orb. It produces mana when it hits and also steals life. Manathirst can support other items that require mana, such as Magic Staff, Staff of Unhealing and Book of Light.

Pandamonium (legendary melee weapon)

When food activates next to Pandamonium, a poison is placed on your opponent. You can create this legendary recipe weapon by combining a Pan + Corrupted Crystal.

Poison Dagger (Epic melee weapon)

Create Poison Dagger, an epic melee weapon, with the recipe of Dagger + Pestilence Flask. It applies 2 poison to your opponent when it hits.

Shovel (Rare melee weapon)

Shovel is a rare melee weapon that has a chance to inflict 1 blind on your foe each time it hits. You can combine Broom + Pan to make it. A fun effect of Shovel is that it “digs up” a random free item for you every time you enter the shop. It pairs well with Lightsaber due to its blind effect.

Spectral Dagger (Legendary melee weapon)

Spectral Dagger’s recipe is Dagger + Mana Orb. This legendary recipe weapon uses 1 mana to deal +7 damage when it hits.

Spiked Shield (Rare shield)

Wooden Buckler + Walrus Tusk is this item’s recipe. When attacked by a melee weapon, it has a chance to prevent 4 damage and remove a small amount of stamina from your opponent, while also gaining 1 spike (up to 3). Spiked Shield not only works well in defensive builds such as fatigue or poison, but also buffs weapons such as Thorn Whip and Bloodthorne.

Steel Goobert (Legendary pet)

Steel Goobert is a legendary pet that when activated will give weapons above and below it +2 damage. Its recipe is Goobert + Hero Sword. Some weapons with weird shapes (for example Thorn Whip and Bow and Arrow) can both activate Steel Goobert and also receive its buff at the same time. It can also trigger the Djinn Lamp effect with the armor it produces.

Strong Health Potion (Epic potion)

When your health drops below 50%, Strong Health Potion heals you for 18, gains 2 hearts and cleanses 4 poison. It’s recipe is Health Potion + Healing Herbs. Make sure to have it on 1 or 2 Potion Belts along with other potions of course.

Strong Heroic Potion (Legendary potion)

The recipe for this item is Heroic Potion + Banana. When consumed, you gain 4 stamina and 1 empower. It benefits from other potions and is great when running multiple fast-attacking weapons that deal a lot of damage in a few seconds. Make sure to have it on 1 or 2 Potion Belts.

Strong Stone Skin Potion (Legendary potion)

Create this potion by combining Stone Skin Potion + Stone x 2, which is sometimes easier said than done. It benefits greatly from other potions and Shield of Valor, and also is a staple in fatigue and poison builds where you aim to out-survive your opponent. Make sure to have it on 1 or 2 Potion Belts.

Vampiric Armor (Legendary vampiric armor)

You can create this armor with this recipe: Leather Armor + Blood Amulet. It converts 30 health into 60 armor and gains 2 vampirism at the start of the battle. Then, every 3 seconds it converts 10 health into 20 armor. Vampiric armor works well with Shield of Valor in a fatigue or poison build. You can slot gems in it to make up for the 6 tiles it takes up.

Vampiric Gloves (Godly vampiric gloves)

After 4 seconds, Vampiric Gloves creates 6 Vampirism. It also gives connected items 35% faster activation. Create this item by combining Gloves of Haste + Blood Amulet. You can place them on a Fanny Pack for faster activation.

Backpack Battles Recipes for the Reaper Class

Darksaber (Reaper Class)(Godly melee weapon)

You can create Darksaber with this recipe: Lightsaber + Demonic Flask. This godly weapon deals 0.5 additional damage per debuff on your opponent. Also, when it attacks, it uses 1 mana to inflict 1 blind to your opponent.

Darksaber works well with anything that applies a debuff on your rival. For example Lightsaber, Reaper’s Coffin, Poison Goobert, Poison Dagger, Pestilence Flask, Shovel, Emeralds, and Sapphires. Any item that generates mana such as Manathirst, Mana Orb or blueberries will support Darksaber’s blind effect.

Rainbow Goobert Omegaooze Primeslime (Reaper Class)(Godly vampiric holy pet)

Backpack Battles Recipes Reaper Rainbow Goobert: Goobert + Poison Goobert + Light Goobert + Steel Goobert + Blood Goobert

Recipe: Goobert + Poison Goobert + Light Goobert + Steel Goobert + Blood Goobert. This is the toughest recipe to make in the whole game! I was only able to create it in the unranked mode. However, once you make it, it’s pretty much game over for your opponents.

When attempting this recipe, I recommend grabbing every Goobert you see, even if you can’t use it immediately.

Staff of Unhealing (Reaper Class)(Godly ranged weapon)

Backpack Battles Recipes Reaper Staff of Unhealing: Magic Staff + Demonic Flask

Recipe: Magic Staff + Demonic Flask. This is perhaps the strongest build right now because it converts all your healing items into potential weapons. Even a Banana! Items such as Book of Light, Healing Potions and anything with vampirism will deal damage with its unhealing effect. Make sure to grab the Nocturnal Lock Lifter for additional healing and damage. Staff of Unhealing requires large amounts of mana, so try to include items such as Manathirst, Mana Orb and/or Blueberries in your build.

Poison Goobert (Reaper Class)(Epic pet)

Poison Goobert is an epic pet that is created with the recipe of Goobert + Fly Agaric x 2. After 5 starred item activations it removes 2 poison from you and inflicts 4 poison on your opponent. This pet can work well in fatigue and poison builds. Also, with Darksaber.

Ruby Chonk (Reaper Class)(Godly ranged weapon pet)

Recipe: Ruby Whelp + Holo Fire Lizard. Perhaps the least played and one of the most underrated Backpack Battles recipes, this weapon pet generates heat on hit and if you have at least 10 heat, stuns your opponent for half a second. The strategy here is to speed Ruby Chonk up as fast as possible, and keep your opponent stunned. Each heat generated speeds up your items even more, including the dragon itself. Make sure you have a Deck of Cards in your backpack so that you have a chance to see the Holo Fire Lizard card in the shop.

Backpack Battles Recipes for the Ranger Class

Fortuna’s Grace (Ranger Class)(Legendary nature ranged weapon)

Backpack Battles recipes Fortuna's Grace: Bow and Arrow + Lucky Clover + Lucky Clover

Recipe: Bow and Arrow + Lucky Clover x 2. This new recipe weapon has proven to be very popular among players that like to critical hit a lot. Although it has a weird shape, this can be beneficial when you need empty tiles to place an Acorn Collar or two. Its odd shape also allows it to both activate and be buffed by Steel Goobert. Fortuna’s Grace pairs well with fast-attacking weapons such as Falcon Blade and even Hero Sword.

Rainbow Goobert Megasludge Alphapuddle (Ranger Class)(Godly vampiric holy pet)

Recipe: Goobert + Carrot Goobert + Light Goobert + Steel Goobert + Blood Goobert. Along with the Reaper version of this pet, this is one of the toughest Backpack Battles recipes to make in the whole game! Once you make it though, it’s very hard for your opponents to beat you, due to its multiple buffing and debuffing effects.

When attempting this recipe, I recommend grabbing every Goobert you see, even if you can’t use it immediately. Even if not on sale.

Carrot Goobert (Ranger class)(Epic nature pet)

Carrot Goobert is a Backpack Battles recipe pet that is created with Goobert + Carrot x 2. When activated, it cleanses 3 random debuffs from you and gives you 2 empower for 5 seconds. Each empower will give your weapons +1 damage. 5 seconds might not seem like a lot, but during the final rounds, your weapons should be activating very fast, thus stacking up empower.

Critwood Staff (Ranger class)(Epic nature ranged weapon)

Recipe: Magic Staff + Acorn Collar. This is another recipe weapon that you don’t see much in battles. I am willing to bet that most players have created this Backpack Battles recipe by mistake, though. Myself included.

Lucky Piggy (Ranger class)(Epic accessory)

Its recipe is Piggybank + Lucky Clover x 2. Lucky Piggy gives you 2 clover at the start of every battle plus 1 gold every time you enter the shop. Gold is so important in this game, and lately I have been running this accessory in my Backpack Battles builds when there’s nothing better available. It is growing on me due in part to it also incrementing a proc (program random occurence) chance on an item. You can point it at Piercing Arrow, Shields, Carrot, Garlic, etc… to make them proc more frequently.

Tusk Piercer (Ranger class)(Legendary nature ranged weapon)

Bow and Arrow + Walrus Tusk


Backpack battles recipes are lots of fun to make and play. They are varied and more are being added from time to time to provide even more possible strategies. Whether you want to go for a fast build or a slow one, there are plenty of backpack battle combinations to suit your gaming style. You can also mix and match different recipe items to create your own unique backpack battle strategy. Some of the best backpack battles recipes are:

  • Bloodthorne
  • Darksaber
  • Falcon Blade
  • Staff of Unhealing

These are just some of the many backpack battles recipes that you can try. The possibilities are endless, and you can have fun experimenting with different combinations of items. Backpack battles is a great game to relax and pit your brain against others so what are you waiting for? Grab your backpack and start making recipes today!