Backpack Battles Ranger Builds that Aim for the Heart 🏹

Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles is a game where you buy and combine items to create powerful builds and battle other players. One of the classes you can choose is the Ranger, which specializes in ranged attacks, critical hits and even poison damage over time! In this post I cover some of the best Backpack Battles Ranger builds, so let’s get started!

Last update: December 2023

1. Backpack Battles Ranger Builds with Piercing Arrow 🏹

  • Falcon Blade + Ripsaw Blade + Fortuna’s Grace + Carrot Goobert: This build focuses on maximizing the damage of the Falcon Blade, which attacks twice. By using the Piercing Arrow as your special unique item, you can ensure that the Falcon Blade will deal plenty of critical hits. Ripsaw helps counter Bloodthorne builds, whereas Fortuna’s Grace hits twice when the connected weapon deals a critical hit. Carrot Goobert generates empower to further boost all your weapons’ damage. You can run a Heroic Potion or two to not only provide stamina if needed, but also additional empower.
  • Lightsaber + Claws of Attack + Carrot Goobert: This build concentrates on generating a lot of empower with Carrot Goobert and multiple Claws of Attack. It runs several fast-attacking weapons supported by Heroic Potions. When your clover count is high, you will deal critical hits.
  • Ripsaw Blade + Falcon Blade + Djinn Lamp + Book of Light: This build focuses on triggering Djinn Lamp’s +27 damage-buffing effect onto Ripsaw Blade or Falcon Blade. Falcon Blade makes items and weapons that are connected to it trigger much faster. Your Books of Light protect you from attacks, supported by Mana Orbs, while your Djinn Lamps are supported by a couple of Flutes. Acorn Collars can be included for additional critical hit chance.

2. Backpack Battles Ranger Builds with Yggdrasil Leaf 🍁

  • Bloodthorne + Vampiric Gloves + Blood Goobert: This setup focuses on maximizing the damage of Bloodthorne, which deals 1 more damage for each of your vampirism and spikes. By using the Yggdrasil Leaf as the special unique item, you can ensure that Bloodthorne will have plenty of hearts to convert. Multiple Vampiric Gloves provide attack speed and also vampirism, while Blood Goobert steals your opponent’s life. A few Acorn Collars allow a higher critical hit chance, while Blueberries create your much-needed clover.
  • Critwood Staff + Hero Sword + Djinn Lamp + Mana Orb + Fortuna’s Grace + Potions: This build aims to trigger Djinn Lamp’s effect onto Hero Sword or Critwood Staff at the start of the battle. When Critwood Staff attacks, it uses mana, thus triggering your Mana Potions. The Mana Potions generate mana and clover needed for Djinn Lamp, and also trigger your Strong Stone Skin Potion(s). The Strong Stone Skin Potion(s) provide the armor and spikes for Djinn Lamp to trigger. In the early rounds, you rely on Hero Sword + Bow and Arrow to carry you until you can make Critwood Staff. For defense, you can include a Cap of Discomfort and/or a Book of Light or two. Your Mana Orbs trigger your Book of Light(s).
  • Lightsaber + Light Goobert + Pocket Sand: Lightsaber deals +1 damage per blind on your opponent. Yggdrasil Leaf provides plenty of hearts for Lightsaber to trigger its blind effect. Light Goobert generates even more blind which buffs your weapon and can also make your opponent miss their attacks. Blueberries generate clover, while Pocket Sand inflicts additional blind. You can also run Carrot Goobert in this Backpack Battles build in order to make empower.
Backpack Battles Ranger Builds: Critwood Staff vs Bloodthorne
Backpack Battles Ranger Builds: Critwood Staff vs Bloodthorne

3. Backpack Battles Ranger Builds with Poison Ivy 🍂

  • Tusk Piercer + Ripsaw Blade + Strong Stone Skin Potion: This build focuses on generating a lot of spikes that in turn inflict poison via Poison Ivy. Tusk Piercer deals more damage by using spikes, while Ripsaw Blade helps counter Bloodthorne builds. Ripsaw Blade also has 3 slots for gems in case you want to run Box of Riches. Strong Stone Skin Potion(s) on Potion Belts can generate a lot of temporary spikes. You can defend with Corruped Crystals slotted into Cap of Resilience or armor/shield. In early rounds, a Pineapple can be useful to create spikes.
  • Tusk Piercer + Thorn Whip + Strong Stone Skin Potion: This configuration is very similar to the previous one, but runs Thorn Whip instead of Ripsaw Blade. It relies mostly on Tusk Piercer to deal a lot of damage via spike usage. Thorn Whip both makes spikes and is also buffed by them. As usual, you can make a Cap of Discomfort to counter Staff of Unhealing builds.
  • Thorn Whip + Pineapple + Shield of Valor + Strong Stone Skin Potion: Like the previous Poison Ivy builds in this section, this one focuses on generating spikes. The difference here though, is that it runs a lot of Pineapples (around 5), 2 Shield of Valor and a Spiked Shield. 2 Cap of Discomfort provide plenty of defense against Staff of Unhealing builds.


Backpack Battles ranger builds are as fun as they are diverse! In this blog post, I have explored some of the strongest ranger builds in the game, such as:

  • Bloodthorne + Vampiric Gloves + Blood Goobert
  • Tusk Piercer + Thorn Whip + Strong Stone Skin Potions
  • Critwood Staff + Hero Sword + Djinn Lamp + Mana Orb + Fortuna’s Grace + Potions

These are just some examples of the many possible ranger builds in Backpack Battles. You can experiment with combining different accessories, weapons and effects to find your own optimal setup. The game is constantly updated with new items and balances, so you can always discover new ways to play and have fun. If you want to see all of my Backpack Battles content in one place, you can check this page out. Thank you for reading this blog post, and I hope you enjoy playing Backpack Battles! 😊