Vampire Survivors POWER UP Tier List

So you just started playing Vampires Survivors and want to know what Power Ups to buy first? As you might have guessed, some of them are much better than others. On this page, I have provided a Vampire Survivors Power Up Tier List.

At the start, you might not have access to some of these Power Ups. Not to worry, they should be available to you in no time if you just play the game. From time to time, after meeting certain conditions, you will receive new Power Ups and more quantity/ranks of some of the others. You can check on them from time to time to see what has changed.

The Vampire Survivors Power Ups detailed in this article will help keep you alive at the beginning of the stage, and allow you to level up a bit more easily. If you combine this with good weapon choices, you should end up with finished stages.

Keep in mind that the prices shown are initial. Every time you purchase a Power Up, the rest of them will go up in price. However, this should not be a problem because you receive a variable amount of gold on each run. The gold quantity received per stage will depend on your character, build, number of light sources destroyed, Magnet stat, Luck stat, etc…

Last update: September 2023

1. Vampire Survivors Power Ups: S-Tier

These are the best of the best, the essential beginner Power Ups in order to avoid an early death!

AMOUNT (1 rank) (+1 Projectile)

Best Vampire Survivors Power Up PowerUps tier list tiers mobile android Amount projectile duplicator

Cost: 5000 coins.

Amount is very strong at the beginning because it adds a projectile to all your weapons. So for example, instead of 1 Axe, you now fire 2 Axes. Believe me, you will need this when starting out.

MOVEMENT SPEED (2 ranks) (+5%/+10%)

Best Vampire Survivors Power Up PowerUps tier list tiers mobile android move speed movement wings

Cost: 300 coins.

Movement Speed is very useful because it helps you go around picking up drops (experience) much faster. Also, it allows you to run around bosses and get out of sticky situations.

Speed makes a game more fun, don’t you think?

MAGNET (2 ranks) (+25%/+50% Distance)

Best Vampire Survivors Power Up PowerUps tier list tiers mobile android Magnet pickup range experience gems attractorb

Cost: 300 coins.

This Power Up lets you pick up items from the ground from further away. As a result, the Experience Gems fly towards your character sooner, and you level up much faster. With this in mind, the more enemies you eliminate, the better this Power Up is.

REROLL (5 ranks) (+2/+4/+6/+8/+10)

Cost: 1000 coins.

Reroll is essential for creating your best Vampire Survivors builds. In the event of you having to choose from 3 mediocre weapon/item upgrade options, this Power Up will then give you the option to receive 3 different upgrade choices.

2. Vampire Survivors Power Ups: A-Tier

These are great too, just not as essential as the S-Tier Power Ups.

COOLDOWN (2 ranks) (-2.5%/-5% less time between attacks)

Cost: 900 coins.

Cooldown allows your weapons to attack faster, and this is very useful when you are starting to play Vampire Survivors. The enemies will die faster, and you will be much safer and live longer.

MIGHT (5 ranks) (+5%/+10%/+15%/+20%/+25% more damage)

Cost: 200 coins.

Might is a no-brainer, more damage is always good when it comes to gaming. At an initial price of 200 coins, it is a steal, too.

AREA (2 ranks) (+5%/+10% larger area of affect)

Cost: 300 coins.

When I read the word Area, Santa Water comes to mind. This Power Up will enable its damage circles to grow bigger, leaving you with more space to maneuver within them when surrounded. Not to mention the benefit of dealing much more damage.

Also, it’s pretty cool to see your weapons grow larger (Axe, for example) when you acquire more Area.

GROWTH (5 ranks) (+3%/+6%/+9%/+12%/+15% more experience)

Cost: 900 coins.

This Vampire Survivors Power Up gives you more experience during your stage runs. That is to say, you will be levelling your character and upgrading your weapons faster than normal.

RECOVERY (5 ranks) (+0.1/+0.2/+0.3/+0.4/+0.5 heal health per second)

Cost: 200 coins.

Recovery is great for those situations where your character needs healing, but you can’t move around that easily to search the ground for chicken. This Power Up will slowly fill your health bar, provided you avoid getting hit.

REVIVAL (1 rank) (+1 respawn with 50% health)

Cost: 10,000 coins.

Independently of how good a player you are, you will probably need this Vampire Survivors Power Up sooner or later. After dying, you will have the option to be brought back to life, but with only 50% health.

OMNI (5 ranks) (+2%/+4%/+6%/+8%/+10% more might, speed, duration and area)

Cost: 10,000 coins.

This one buffs four of your main stats, some more important than others.

GREED (5 ranks) (+10%/+20%/+30%/+40%/+50% more coins received)

Cost: 200 coins.

Do you need more coins? At an initial price of 200 coins, it seems like the best investment you can make.

2. Vampire Survivors Power Ups: B-Tier

These options are still good, just not great, in my opinion.

ARMOR (3 ranks) (+1/+2/+3 more defense)

Cost: 600 coins.

If taking hits is your thing, then this Power Up is for you, because you will live longer. However, Armor does not help you eliminate enemies, and that’s why I have it in the B-Tier.

DURATION (2 ranks) (+15%/+30% weapon effect lasts longer)

Cost: 300 coins.

Several great weapons will benefit from this Vampire Survivors Power Up, for example Santa Water and King Bible. These weapons will stay active on screen for more time, sometimes until it is time for them to activate again. On the other hand, many weapons are not affected by Duration. In this sense, Axe, Cross, Whip and Lightning Ring come to mind.

SPEED (2 ranks) (+10%/+20% more projectile speed)

Cost: 300 coins.

Several great weapons do more damage with the Speed Power Up, notably Knife and King Bible. The projectiles move much faster, hence doing more damage and in many cases pushing back the enemies.

LUCK (3 ranks) (+10%/+20%/+30% higher chance for lucky events)

Cost: 600 coins.

This Vampire Survivors Power Up might seem unimportant to most players, but Luck affects many different random events in the game. To name a few, we can sometimes:

  • Choose from 4 options to upgrade when levelling up, instead of just 3.
  • Get 3 or even 5 rewards from chests instead of just 1.
  • Deal critical hits with several of our weapons.
  • Avoid negative events, such as Pentagram deleting our drops.

2. Vampire Survivors Power Ups: C-Tier

I would place the rest of the Power Ups in this tier.

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